The Cannabis Question I Full Documentary I NOVA I PBS

The Cannabis Question I Full Documentary I NOVA I PBS

Official Website: | #TheCannabisQuestion As state-legalized cannabis spreads, NOVA explores its …


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  • So I can anybody tell me about smoking weed they say it's not a good thing to smoke if you have bipolar one and and depression it does not work well with depression medication I had so many side effects with the medication I stop taking and now everybody's mad cuz I have too much anxiety and I'm driving everybody what is your thought on that

  • I OD on pot….I ate five bags of snacks and slept awhile🤣

  • Trust the government, get your FDA authorized stroke shot.

  • We y’all know why they go through that psychotic period…it’s modern day living. I’m speaking as a u.s citizen.

  • Alcohol is the real gateway drug. Why don’t we see more restrictions on that instead of attacking marijuana

  • My heart goes out to Sean.
    Stay strong bro.

  • Sean, I'm so sorry. It;s got to be changed nation wide.

  • War on drugs was won by drugs. We can all go home now war is over

  • You cannot overdose on cannabis
    Pain pills does NOT kill the pain and send your brain into the Twilight zone. And alcohol can be lethal.
    For over twenty years of pain pills I forgot what it was like to feel normal with no pain, thank God for cannabis.
    I cannot smoke cannabis I end up copping a buzz
    Half of an edible is remarkable no pain and no buzz

  • except now that ladys kid is a cbd addict drugs aent good for anyone

  • In my personal experience, cannabis has helped tremendously with pain management, insomnia, depression and anger.
    I understand why the majority of employers still drug test for THC but they need to realize that most of us have descendants to not get high or stoned prior to or during work hours.
    Especially if our duties entail operating any type of machinery or anything else that requires the use of technical skills.
    If we wish to use it after work within the comfort and privacy of our own homes, then so be it but companies shouldn't have reason to complain about that.
    As long as employees are sober and productive while at work.

  • Cannabis used to be part of medicine. The government made it personal and denied people the medicine. However, the government has supplied cannabis to people for decades yet deny any benefits or data. That would be irresponsible or they lie.
    The swimmer with the neck pain.. did it return when he stopped smoking? Is that why he couldn't sleep? How did he control his pain?

  • Pot heads are going to burn in hell, methinks.

  • Safer than peanuts 🥜…

  • Fajar striker gg

  • Grass on earth .. it’s just good grass ending up in politics .. it’s weed, let it grow as weed grow .. “weed” is for everyone animals earth ppl environment

  • I have been smoking weed since 1969 and you clowns don't know jack about weed! 😂✌️🍁

  • After 24 yrs old, try psychedelics, not just weed, also psilocybin, LSD, DMT, but inform yourselves heavily before trying it, so you do it the right way, and in the right planned setting.

  • This mom is life changing and amazing. Wow, I’m so glad weed helps so many people in so many different ways. I’ve had PTSD since I was 14 and smoking is the one thing that helps me, medication makes me an appetite less, nauseous zombie. Cannabis makes me happy, calm, and I can actually eat. I’ll never forget not even being able to manage a few bites of French fries from anxiety, now I can eat plates full lol.

  • There are more important things you should be looking into

  • getting hi right now

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  • legalize weed worldwide

  • It's same as alcohol. Driving high is same as driving drunk. Alcohol has both health benefits and harm as well.

  • If canabis is so good, why do patients who take it become paranoid 🙂

  • 👆👆👆👆

  • I recommend microdosing mushrooms,it has helped treat anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental health issues☝️lookkup the handle,they have shrooms verities, LSD, DMT, Xanax, Adderall, fentanyl and other psychedelic products. A mycologist that guided me ……,……………..,..

  • Does the inhalation of the cannabis smoke not do damage to one’s lungs.

  • God created this plant for cured our body problem

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  • Better to find the cause of epilepsy

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