THE BEST Brands And Skincare Of 2022 So Far!

THE BEST Brands And Skincare Of 2022 So Far!

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00:00 Intro
00:36 Elorea Discovery Fragrance Set
04:35 Undefined Beauty R&R Sun Serum
05:45 Undefined Beauty R&R Mineral Mist
06:30 Undefined Beauty R&R Gel-Creme
07:12 Naked Sundays Clear Glow Radiant Sun Serum SPF 50
09:24 Naked Sundays Hydrating Glow Mist
10:10 Naked Sundays Glow + Go Hydrating Lip Oil SPF50+
11:18 Torriden Dive In Serum


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James Welsh


  • Just found out naked Sundays are available on beauty bay 🥲

  • Naked Sundays is a big scam. She says it’s 100% mineral, but her products contain avobenzone, which has harmful side effects worse than oxybenzone!

  • Ok, apparently I'm late to the party (no idea how I missed this video), but I just HAVE TO add this comment: most of the Naked Sundays products only gave me trauma. I was super excited to try this new local cruelty free brand that went crazy viral on social media, I bought most of their products at the beginning of summer last year. The chemical facial sunscreen stung my eyes worse than anything else ever before – my eyes were still watering even after I washed my face three times including one double cleanse, the mineral one is dry and crusty AF (and I have combo-oily skin!) and way too dark for a pale complexion – at least if you want to apply more product than Gwyneth Paltrow would put on her face. Don't even get me started on their lip oil, it tastes like being poisoned and slowly dying – just like the Bondi Sands lip balms with spf 50. Only the spf spray is "meh/ok" at best, I will keep using it but definitely won't be repurchasing.

  • I really dislike that the naked Sunday spray has fragrance and given it’s not Low on the list it has a bit. Drives me nuts

  • I finally tried the neogen essence and it truly is hydrating. I bought the sample size and i will buy the bigger bottle once i finish a few other products.

  • Super excited about the Elorea!

  • It is so difficult for me to find sunscreen that works! Most sunscreens sting my eyes like crazy, affect my eczema or my rosacea so it is almost impossible! most of all sunscreens seem to burn my eyes and that to me is a resounding NO! No matter how good the sunscreen is in every other way. I'm super interested in these Naked Sunday's but two things worry me a lot and that is that they'll sting my eyes or that they'll break me out since they have Watermelon extract in them and my experience with that ingredient from Glow Recipe's watermelon line is not good since ALL of those products break me out and I assumed it was because of the watermelon extract since it's probably what they all have in common! But finding a sunscreen I can use over makeup, which is pretty much only in face mist form, is very hard to do 'cause most brands don't have it… so I'm very torn on if I should buy them all the way from Australia for a good amount of money or not!

  • Love Naked Sundays 🌞❤️

  • Hi James , Have you tried products from Numbuzin ? Would love to hear your opinion ! I like their number 3 line !

  • What happened to your skin?

  • Would you consider doing a video on April Skin?

  • Been going through the same fragrance collecting "phase" lol. Just ordered the discovery set, really excited to try it out.

  • Want a review on glow recipe sunscreen 🌞

  • I discovered elorea earlier this year and I fell in love immediately. My fav is the fire 🔥. Heaven is my second favorite and earth is my 3rd and water my last fav but that is my personal choice. I had people get fire and heaven for me for my birthday. I love them so much.

  • I have pretty folded almond (Asian) eyelids that are really prone to getting oily and irritated because of it, and even washing my face twice a day doesn't really help. Do you have any gentle cleansers that are for sensitive skin you recommend?

  • This year I’ve been loving Glytone

  • Someone here recommded Foreo at some point and I got their smart mask at Sephora sale. I cannot stop playing with this gadget, I literally use over every sheet mask I get.

  • We actually aren’t halfway through the year until we finish the month of June.

  • If only u have an audiobook i would definitely listen to you voice the whole day… just saying

  • Hey James hoping you are well hun!
    Thanks for this upload… really interested in the Naked Sunday, especially the spray you can spray over makeup as I always struggle with re applying my sunscreen if I’m wearing makeup.
    Lots of love Tia xxx

  • I'm Australian and I've been tempted to try Naked Sundays, but I decided in the last year or so that I'm not paying $50 for 50ml of sunscreen (or more) anymore. Dermalogica used to be my go to, but it just keeps creeping up in price it's $80 now. UltraViolette resized their products so they're cheaper at $50 for 75ml, but I can get Biore suncreen for about $20 or CosRX or a bunch of others online, so unless someone gifts me this I'll probably never try it. If it works as a 2 or 3 in one product then I'm tempted by the pricing argument (if I don't need to put on serum and moisturiser and sunscreen). (Also note the Aussie dollar doesn't buy you as much as the US or UK currencies so everything is more expensive)

  • I love Naked Sundays. I actually commented it on another video but their collagen glow mineral sunscreen is soooo good. It sits on the skin so well and the tint just blends into my skin making it look great. I also am in love with the smell of the spray

  • I am an Australian but hadn't heard of Naked Sundays until now. As soon as James brought it on-screen I knew I had to try it out as I struggle with most sunscreens either being too oily or irritating my sensitive eyes. I'm so excited to try his recommendations!!!

  • James I’m in love with your skin🖤

  • I’d love to hear you opinion on ELEMIS and BOOTS No7 skin care… I’m surprised you’ve not done one as they are so popular in the UK

  • I’d love to hear you opinion on ELEMIS and BOOTS No7 skin care… I’m surprised you’ve not done one as they are so popular in the UK

  • Ohhh! Was going to buy Elorea discovery set but doesn't look like they deliver to UK? 😭

  • Hi James, I really appreciate you reviewing new brands for us thank you. I really do wish you had given your honest review of the Naked Sundays mineral spf tho. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and I think it’s beautiful, especially underneath makeup.

  • What is your skin type

  • Wait…. I’m confused I follow both James and Robert Welsh. Aside from the eyebrow they look exactly alike.
    What don’t I know? Can someone clear this up?

  • I hope Naked Sundays becomes more easily available to the US soon! Would love to try the hydrating mist but can't justify paying $11 shipping atm.

  • Aye bro please look into the moisturizer by Formula RX for us Indian Viewers. Cheers.

  • I work at a perfume shop, and believe me, layering different fragrances is a real thing!! Haven't dared to try it myself, but maybeeeee one day

  • Fragrance is so addicting! That’s why I am addicted to rollerballs! Fragrance can totally change your mood! Seductive, playful. I’m definitely still a Chanel girl! Love your channel! ❤

  • Desperately want to try Undefined sun serum but the shipping to the UK is…aarghh

  • Yay for the genderless fragrances…😻

  • I've become obsessed with Glow Recipe (of course, and because of you) and also Youth to the People. Just bought my first kombucha essence yesterday so we will see how that goes!

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