Sapphire Medical Clinics


  • Got my prescription today, thankyou sapphire, bye-bye anxiety and adhd restlessness πŸ‘‹

  • I have adhd bpd you name it… I've been given all sorts of shite weed solves all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Free the weed bro

  • More research, just speak to the patients.

  • excellent! ❀️

  • NHS can do one

  • I’m a patient. It’s wonderful. Great organisation and have made a massive great contribution to my life

  • I know a couple of people who are with sapphire medical clinic, I have seen how it's changed thier day to day quality of life .

    If this medication works get it onto the NHS prescription list ASAP.

  • How do i get a proscribed

  • I have GAD, MDD, ADHD and alcoholism. Gone through 8 different medications and currently doing ok on 2. I qualified to have CBPMs and they have improved all of the conditions listed above in spades. I would say that the other medications are doing their bit, too but CBPMs are like the missing piece of the treatment puzzle.

  • No wonder my medicine is so dry and full of CBN. It's sitting in open and light space along with open tubs with no humidity packs.

  • NHS wants more research … yes but at the expense of private paying patients …

  • Cannabis helped me give up tobacco because I smoke as fast as i used to smoke cigarettes. Also there isnt treatments for loss of appertite on the nhs so once I sacrificed my life budgeting by buying cannabis that i cant afford because i cant work, when the weed stops so does any food intake whatsoever. Cannabis is an alternative to pharmaceuticals when it comes to my autism because of complactioms of prescribed medication, which burned the lining in my stomach. i would give up smoking all together but the uk law doesnt allow edibles

  • I had to go back to buying unsafe cannabis because of the nice guidelines.
    According to nice I have to take SSRI's that the BMJ say's can make people of all ages mad, homicidal and suicidal and the BMJ also say's 88% of SSRI effects are placebo.
    I knew antidepressants were rubbish compared to cannabis 28 year's ago.

  • brilliant

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