Utoya Stoner Talk Show


  • Seeing people my age smoking this and saying they can't tell between this and D9 convinced me to by the 1/2 oz to try. I bought the THCA hemp before, but from different vendors. The effects of THCA is on point but the hemp taste/smell is off to me compared to real D9 so to hear these guys give the high praise I had to get the apple jacks.

    Turns out I'm in New Port Richey, so I'll be ordering all the time from you if this is what you say it is.

  • Seems good man

  • First time I saw a THCA joint at our store I asked myself, "exactly how is this different from a regular joint, which itself full of THCA that converts to D9 when smoked?" Please explain what it is.

    So it's federally legal hemp rolled in keef from regular bud? Was hoping you'd explain.

  • bring some home.

  • You guys crack me up. I showed my friends at work this video. So proud of you Joe ❤️

  • HAVE FUN BOYS. good to see faces.

  • Been wondering when yall were gonna get some! I've been using it and reviewing it for months! Lol

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