FOX 5 New York


  • NY lol .the stop and frisk state lol 😂😂😂🤦

  • Seems a little pretentious and geared towards the elderly

  • What has become of NYC is just strange! 😂

  • Anyone who smokes this worse-than-ass smelling, socially corrupting, nasty f-ycking bull shyt should just rot.

  • 😂 thy Reporter Wanna get high

  • 😂❤

  • If NY wants to compete this is what they'll have to do. Terpene breeding too.

  • don't think I won't smoke one outside before entering

  • Rat city NYC

  • It’s the mind control 😵‍💫brainwashing 😵‍💫hypnosis 😵‍💫place to make you believe that the dispensaries trash 💩is actually good weed…
    Don’t worry New York…you’ll find out the truth that the unknown green substance 🤢in the fancy bottle 🧪that gets you whack 😵‍💫is anti weed…this will take time…you’ll get stuck with trash 💩after trash 💩until the light bulb 💡 comes on when you finally realize you’re smoking cow spit on a stick…💩

    Michigan and California and Oregon chopped their prices and people still aren’t coming..
    Think of one plant producing 20 products…💰💰💰💰💰💰💰and greedy ceo’s 👹filling in the blanks with the unknown… that’s the smoke…
    Sure you won’t recognize it…🤔and of course they will scan and record your drivers license to data mine you… 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵but that’s what they do…
    Sure they have a few grow facilities but they squeeze 10 different strains and drinks and butter and hash …
    Listen New York…don’t ask questions about purity..💩you are sheep 🐑.just smoke the trash and be happy..😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  • NYC only passed recreational in 2021 and now they have a whole museum to weed. This is corny and lame. NYC always has been fake progressive.

  • i despise this! uuuggghhhh😡

  • So cool we should be able to smoke there!

  • Nice!

  • More thc lounges or coffee shop

  • You New Yorkers are so chill, if something like this was opening here in Chicago people would be so negative in the feed claiming it’s all Lightfoot’s fault and whoa is me with here comes more crime because of a weed Museum. These individuals hate on their own city, freaking part time Chicagoans. Looking at you New Yorkers comments in this feed it’s much more open mindedness and having fun with it vs the whining, complaining, fear mongering crap I see on Chicago’s Fox News feed.

  • I don’t want to go near it…it stanks!

  • Been smoking for 35 years…
    Been to EVERY Seattle Hemp Fest to fight for the legalization…

    But THIS, is the cheesiest thing I have ever seen.
    Even free, I wouldn't go.

  • Terpene Room Got Her High No such thing as scent of creativity 😅

  • new york city fucknigercentral

  • NYC is a shithole. At least you can live high. It's a plus. Before they would lock you up

  • don't hate, this is a success in a world of the mundane

  • 👆👆👆His the best when it comes to delivery of all trippy 💯sure plug and ships discreetly 💊🍄🍄💊🍄

  • 1:40 the dog is clearly high AF 😂🌠🌬️

  • $75 is the entrance fee for the orgy room in the basement . Weed and condoms included in the cost .

  • Might as well wait for Planet 13’s museum/nightclub in which you’ll be able to smoke inside of as well, hopefully in the next 2 years or so not just yet.

  • Crazy liberals

  • What is it what works

  • The handle☝️ is a good plug for all kinds of psycheds., MDMA and 🍄, mushie, chocolate bars, gummies CBD,coke,DMt,l.s'd and alot,…..

  • A once beautiful building turned to shyt. I really hope that weed gets banned in nyc again soon 🙁

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