Thailand health minister plants cannabis seedlings as nation chases medical marijuana market

Thailand health minister plants cannabis seedlings as nation chases medical marijuana market

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South China Morning Post


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  • Its clearly known that cannabis was banned worldwide thanks to evil usa corporations called Monsanto and DuPont. China and all of independent asia countries should rewrite the cannabis laws. Free the plant and heal the people!

  • If they make it easy for tourists to access then tourism will boom

  • This is AWESOME!!

  • Medical marijuana is the best solution for global change, also the plant itself can be made into many items… it’s a win win

  • Indonesia pls

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  • Oh so this is for medical…

    Wait until they see in the Underground society
    They like that 🀣🀣

  • another reason to visit there

  • That’s what’s up

  • I love Thailand

  • That's beautiful! 😭

  • One less item to profit for drug dealers, they won't be happy by this move.

  • 420/69

  • Can't wait me my and friends would drive up north just to get high haha…
    Thank siam

  • I came here to see ladyboys

  • Na guck ma einer an

  • overgrow the world 🌱

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  • A natural medicine……..has been demonized for too long…….

  • And with that kind of law, what will prevent people to grow it and smoke it at home?

  • I want to plan some medical marijuana for medical purpose of course..

  • Sure… Medical…

  • That's very great news will bring lots of tourists and people with health issues it will make enormous turn over in Thai baht and economy;!

  • Snoop dawg.. I am coming Thailand

  • Hahaha is that the king request or what?? Lol

  • No wonder they're really the "Golden Triangle" 😏

  • we have kratom from borneo

  • This country is nuts 😨

  • Comprehend properly other uses outside of medical purpose still prohibited

  • New mexico

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  • Big pharma will bankrupt

  • There are a huge market in the West. Let's cash in.

  • just legalize it finally worldwide and treat it with respect,jeez.

  • I love it!

  • Could boost tourism

  • Finally

  • This is obviously corruption.

  • Snoop dawg approves 100%

  • 8 minutes ago

  • I need some to smoke

  • Tie tie tie sticks then dip

  • Meanwhile thailand ppl protest on education and more jobs.🀨

  • Hello

  • BRILLIANT!!! πŸ’ͺ😁🀣✌

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