Texas lawmakers hold hearing to examine legalizing marijuana for recreational use

Texas lawmakers hold hearing to examine legalizing marijuana for recreational use

Texas lawmakers held a hearing to examine what it would look like to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use.




  • let's make it legal, but make the government be in charge of it?

  • It will still be federally illegall no matter what texas does.

  • Texas won't legalize until they can figure out how to keep the people from growing there own and maximizing profits into the pockets of the government.

  • Still wouldn't be enough to get me to visit Texas.

  • Trust me black market is still cheaper

  • Lmao that lady crying about us propagating “addiction” yet if this were a hearing about restricting alcohol or Tobacco she would be crying and saying her freedoms are being taken.

    If this was about the safety of children then we would have no substances legal whatsoever. It’s time to stop playing “my side” politics maam, it’s 2023. Either get with the times and realize the potential this market could have for our state or honestly just don’t vote anymore.


  • Are they allergic to money?

  • Want to get rid of this bullshit law? JURY NULLIFICATION! If you don't let them convict people, the law based on LIES has to go away!

  • You crooked politicians keep dragging your corrupt feet. WE'LL just keep doing it ANYWAY!

  • Until tx legalizes cannabis, they are giving million in tax revenue to colorado, and a few other close states. lol shit is insane

  • it took me months of not smoking weed to notice that it was causing me to think irrationally. i didnt withdrawl or jones for it but i do remember a reflective point where i was like damn… that was a fucking waste. and the mean things i did hurtful things i did to others "for the gramvine" "because its funny" "because its not me" i would think about things superficially. i thought i was thinking sO dEeP .. of course i thought that…i was high. i feel bad for texas because I KNOW this is the writing on the wall for what was a strong spined state. next stop hotel california i mean.. hotel texas

  • They wanted open carry, but the voters knew it would be a problem.
    They'll support school shootings with AR-15's, drink more beer than many countries, are a byword for arrogance, not have a stable power supply ( remember? how could they raise revenues? anything new to licence and tax? ), but think cannabis is dangerous.
    Too much meth.

  • C'mon guys Legalize It Already,What Y'all Waiting For

  • The world is falling apart and Texas will still throw people in cages for possessing a plant. They are too busy in TX with transgenders stripping in front of children. Let’s remember UVALDE too.

  • If you’re still fighting against this you sound like a looney toon from back in the day that thought dungeon and dragons was too hard core…

  • The "marijuana nightmare?" Someone is stuck in the 1900s. Nearly half of Americans live somewhere where marijuana is legal at this point. Get a grip.

  • One step closer to it never being legalized in Indiana

  • More of us than them TAKE BACK YOUR STATE!

  • I just hate the smell of marijuana. I had some neighbors that were constantly smoking. If I opened my windows, it was like I had a pissed off skunk living with me. Twenty years ago, the smell didn't bother me. Either the smell of marijuana has become stronger or I'm just more sensitive to it now. I can even smell the plant from inside people houses from the street. I would be fine with legalizing marijuana that doesn't smell like a skunk.

  • There’s this slight glimmer of hope on the horizon

  • they'll pass it so they can tax the shit out of it like everyone else

  • i mean, every texans already can buy THCA fower… its literally weed.

  • Wont pass, this is a waste of time.

  • Marijuana, like most things, has it's good points and bad points,… but as soon as someone brings up "addiction" in their anti-legalization argument, they only prove that they have no idea what they are talking about.
    Marijuana can be habit forming, but unlike drugs such as heroin, cocaine, or nicotine, it is not psychically addictive.
    Just legalize the crap already and let adults make their own damned decisions.

  • The world wants weed….face it you old ass career politicians. The world is different now …..

  • “Marijuana Nightmare” sounds like a band


  • Of course Texas won't legalize cannabis anytime soon because they're a state full Neanderthal cowboys. Just look at their ignorant Governor Abbott!

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