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  • Honestly. This is a waste of time. It is ignorant and short sighted to think that anything other than full recreational legalization is coming to Texas. You can’t talk as much bull💩 about freedom as Texans do and tolerate cannabis prohibition. The state should be embarrassed for tolerating it this long.

  • Just legalize it all ready. How about some freedom for the American people?


  • Y’all need to put dispensaries like LA

  • Medical marijuana legalization in Texas would potentially help a lot of patients suffering from a number of diseases. With Texas being one of the largest sates in America, I could easily see the passing of this bill leading to its legalization in others states who wish to follow suit. This would give many physicians another treatment option for patients who have failed more conventional therapies to treat their pain, anxiety, and/or depression. Likewise, I think there needs to be strict regulations in place as to who can purchase and also on how pure the product is. I see the upside in legalization and how it would not only help many people, but also would pump revenue into the Texas state economy. On the other, hand, those who would oppose its legalization are most likely taking the stance that marijuana has been primarily known for a long time as a “gateway drug”. When “the War on Drugs” first began during the Reagan administration, marijuana was demonized and many people were fearful of its usage. The rhetoric has since changed in America, and its health benefits are being recognized more and more. I believe marijuana has a legitimate place in medicine, and its legalization would help many patients. In terms of ethics, the principle of beneficence states that all doctors should strive to do good for their patients. By allowing for people and patients to have access to marijuana, it could potentially open up brand new avenues of treatment for many people. Additionally, I believe that if marijuana is to be legalized, then those who have been convicted of marijuana-related crimes must be released. I think that many people are afraid that if marijuana is legalized, then more recreational drugs will be soon to follow. According to a study conducted by the United States Department of Justice “legalizing the recreational use of marijuana resulted in fewer marijuana related arrests and court cases and legalizing marijuana did not have a noticeable impact on indicators in states that bordered those that legalized.” In a world where more people want to take a natural and holistic approach to managing their medical diagnoses, it only makes sense that marijuana legalization is a choice that many people will take. I believe that medical marijuana is going to integrate into the healthcare system nationwide in the next decade, and it will be imperative that physicians are well-educated on it when patients start to ask for it.

  • Won't happen.
    DICKTATOR in Austin will do what he did last time, and Lt. GOV DICKTATOR pulls his strings.
    Won't happen till both are out.

  • Liberalize? Pretty specific word choice bub

  • Hell yes legalize it , lot safer than drinking and the taxes we could raise would do Texas nothing but good … But all these republicans run this State like a Monarch . Open carry for firearms don't The cops have enough problem's with the drunks and dippers it does nothing but benefit out State … Legalize it

  • All MAGANITES forget, who Abbott is…. he hates you. He has no compassion for anyone but the elites. I'm 99% sure, he'll say no, because CRT pr wokism.


  • Just bought my ounce today at the store some top shelf crazy good for 99 glad I’m in Tucson

  • LoL it's Completely Legal Everywhere Else 🤣😂🤣Weak Texas

  • Why wont they let the people vote on it?

  • So…..we can all get high on a misused drug that ANYONE can access by faking a condition, but WOMEN can't have access to a medication that has already been approved… must be a lot of men in our state government that have PTSD.

  • This is to Fox there is nothing political about legalizing medical cannabis stop putting your damn politics and everything

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  • I cannot wait to go natural 🙌🏾👏🏾🙌🏾👏🏾

  • So is he saying that the lone star state gets the green light on recreational use?

  • I don't need nobody's permission to smoke…

  • there’s nothing to “consider” or “review” the science of cannabis has been out since the 70s. LEGALIZE IT

  • Why did it have to take so damn long

  • That's bs

  • Screw marijuana, get you some good stuff, Fentanyl is where it's at.

  • As a Colorado native, DO NOT DO IT. Your state will be ruined forever.

  • Just let people grow their own if they need or want it and stop making money off people with illness and even if they are not ill they should still be able to use it if they want, alcohol is far more dangerous. Government are no better than the dealers themselves they just pretend they are.

  • Wasn't Brandon supposed to decriminalize MJ? Should at least re schedule it off schedule 1 with Heroin and Coke

  • The buds at night burn big and bright "Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap" Deep in the heart of Texas!

  • How about removing license to grow… Or removing Hemp growing license…

  • Recreational marijuana in all 50 states

  • do not do recreational, it has caused drug cartels to purchase homes and use them as grow ops hidden under the umbrella of airbnb, chronic pain MUST be prescribed by a physian, in my city they can say owww my butt hurts and they get their cards, even level 3 so's get access, because mental illness is a disability, so out here we have the crazy mentally ill people high on drugs while on probation for being violent criminals and theres nothing we can do about it, just make it legal to grow yourself but dont do the business model, you will regret it and so will your community. ive been a cannibas supporter for over 35 yrs as well, the crime is out of control.

  • No. I only want beer and dip in Texas. None of these hippies smoking flower.

  • A state that has open carry and access to marijuana. Nice combo, republicans are already naturally trigger happy

  • Bullpoop…

  • Dont cali my texas

  • I hate Texas and Abbott sucks ass.

  • Honestly it's about time & glad things are finally moving in the right direction. Give it about a year or two until things are official. Maybe 3 years

  • Happy 420 Everybody Stay Strong ppl ✌ blue cookies Northern California Its ntures best medication💑👪👫👬👭


  • Yes!! I was on 12 percocets a day… 15 years later… I am alive and a medical marijuana patient. So much better! Good luck, Texas

  • Texas is so behind the times.

  • HowAbout at the federal level

  • Yes!

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