• Give me job sir I'm from srilanka please


  • Freedom!!!

  • Legalize Texas please

  • Country divided

  • Hes got the right idea! Politicians need to stop getting in between the people and their choice.

  • Make it recreational Mr. freedom

  • Ain't nothing going to change till Greg Abbott is voted out of office !!
    Abbott is a cannabis prohibitionest and is against full legalization , ain't voting for Abbott this November voting for O'Rourke he's for full legalization if he wins November elections !!!!

  • because of the republican stance on this issue we are gonna end up seeing people like Beto in the Gov. office. You want a California, this is how you get a California in Texas. Freedom of choice for the people.

  • We love Sid Miller in Texas

  • Weeds been legal here in Washington state for over a decade. It's great I can place an order online run up to the store and pick it up. And thousands of choices of products. Lots of jobs and taxes that go to states education. Win win.

  • GMO marijuana? FOH! Big pharma always comes through!!

  • 👆.👆.👆look up that handle, he ships worldwide , and he got >>shrooms, Dmt, lsd, mmda, kat ,psilocybin, Xanax,chocolate bars, he's got a lot.🍄 💊🍄🍫🔌….::;:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  • Mistake, but go ahead if you really want to….go ahead

  • Vote for Sid

  • About time they realize how wrong they’ve been about a plant. Nice to see them changing their minds FINALLY

  • Sid Miller is a sellout!

  • I’m a conservative CHRISTIAN I am for it for my severe chronic pain! I could get off opioids! Please!

  • Sir , can I still castrate my bull calves in Texas ? Am I allowed to pull a calf that's already dead ? Can I still spay my female dogs ? Can I sell an open cow along with long bred ?

  • Ohh, so reality is finally being seen with this guy. Bet he's never going to say sorry to all the ones he hurt by lying about the reality.

  • Medical marijuana is great for stomach issues and back and nerve pain. Nothing else comes close.

  • I remember when marihuana was a felony in Texas even for just a blunt

  • I really like his position and its awesome he sees the benefits to the community.

  • He looks like Dale Henson

  • Unless you see it first hand you wouldn’t believe the benefits of medical marijuana. My mom was bed ridden, severely depressed, dependent on pain medicine from her doctor who just kept giving her more. She tried everything but just got sicker. So depressed she wanted to end her life daily. I had to help raise my siblings because dad worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs. It all started from cancer she found after having her last baby. She is now cancer free but was bed ridden for several years from illnesses. Her last try was medical mj and after a month she was getting stronger and after a year of usage she was out of bed, off of all pain meds, depression controlled, she started exercising and actually being social. I couldn’t believe that would ever be possible to have my mom back and actually healthy and strong. And it was do to medical marijuana and that’s it! I never believed pharmaceutical companies make medicines to keep you sick dependent on their medicines to keep them rich. They never cared about people. Marijuana is natural grown from the ground instead of factory made. There’s a reason why they fight to keep marijuana away is because you wouldn’t be dependent on their medicines anymore.

  • No gov had the right to get in the way to begin with

  • That poison is not coming here!!!!

  • You have my vote Commissioner Miller.

  • May help with the opioid problem.

  • When you’re desperate for tax money 💵, I agree with medical marijuana but yea it’s cause of the taxes

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