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  • I hope it will pass, but I doubt it. I would love for cancer patients and those with painful chronic conditions to have access to this. It would cut down emergency room visits and slash the need for addicting painkillers. The patient could just sit in their backyard, light a shadoobie and laugh.

  • Decriminalization is what we should push for it’s a plant guys. Next will you tell us we can’t eat lettuce because it makes as much sense as saying you can’t smoke a plant absolutely none of the governments business

  • Tennessee will never legalize this cause they don't want criminal case to drop and rather bust ppl with weed then to expect it like every other state

  • If it don't pass this time it comes up I'm changing parties and voting Democrat!!

  • I advise them to legalize it or suffer what's coming to them judgmental cowards there not my mom or dad stop telling me what's bad for me

  • Legalize recreationally!!! It should have been done years ago. Tn will just continue to lose money .

  • Legalize it Fully and Quit
    Living in the Fucking Past

  • I think 70%of Americans need it from all the stress anxiety and depression from the government

  • Let’s go. It only makes sense for individuals like myself who need it to function. I rather take medical cannabis versus the Zoloft and Prozac that keep getting shoved at me. I don’t want those side effects.

    Plus, for Tennessee, it’s additional revenue. Y’all like money. Giving businesses an incentive to move here with kickbacks and At-Will work laws. How about giving a native a reason to stay here versus moving to Phoenix that’s similar to Nashville except I can buy cannabis there.

  • the only way it will ever change is when it’s tha law makers family are the ones to benifit from it !

  • Reparations for victims of the war on drugs!!

  • Legalize recreationally!

  • If I don't pass we can buy opiates and that's what they want anyway

  • Pharmaceutical companies have been fighting this for decades. And God forbid you let us grow it ourselves. No money in that.

  • Come guys some of us need this!!! Please Tennessee law makers help some of us out

  • Tennessee Legislators love cocaine and they get bribes from narcos that’s why they don’t want citizens using marijuana.

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