• nice review brother 🙂

  • 2:04 that is exactly what you want there, sticky, resinous glue looking trichomes. When the flower gets too dry and the crystals (trichomes) no longer have that sticky, resinous look, and instead look dry and kiefy that's when the flower has gone stale.

  • Ahaha nice to see the less spin , i should clarify i do spin also man. Just never like u dod in that other video i usually use half a ciggie to a gram an chop it real fine 👌🏻

  • I got some white widow from Circle because my main sativa was out of stock, man was I disappointed most people left it good reviews. It didn't come with foil so alot of the crystal/Goodness was on the lid! No humidity pack none of mine do & I got the order on the 29th Of December, the bottle says the medication expires of the 8th of January!!! Dry as! most of it has chopped it self just being in the bottle & I put a humiditypack in!!,How long has this been sitting on the shelf???? $119 for 10Gs can get heaps better like this white widow for what $2 more a gram 😡 Safe too say I was Not happy & got some Girl Scout Cookies as a replacement for the replacement LOL. Least my doctor listened & even gave my the GSC which I asked for

  • Heard most of Tas Bot is around $131 $135 10GPacks?? Also I heard there was a couple not so good batches of the Amethyst wedding cake X, Maybe why its cheaper?
    Do you normally way ur medicine when 1st opening it, if so how's it been??
    I've seen people saying certain strains that I get have been slightly under?
    All mine have been slightly over!! one or two being spot on 10Gs
    The SuperNova I've got half 0.55 over & another was 0.88 I think.
    I'm not sure if this is a chemist thing meaning they weigh & seal them thier because some people get the same flower with humidity pcaks & I never receive them…? Only thing I can come up with?…

  • No spin hey might have to tune back in for your thoughts now

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