State awards two medical cannabis 'grow' licenses

State awards two medical cannabis 'grow' licenses

Litigation still threatens the process, as left-behind applicants try to stop it.




  • Nothing will happen. I've had a worthless medical card for 5 years now and my last 3 pain doctor's won't even take the card to excuse THC in monthly urine tests if I can't even bring in any product from the State. If the politicians cared about the patient's they would just let us cultivate our own. To hell with these companies spending several years fighting over this money! Not one person care's about the patient's getting medicine. I'll be on opioids for pain the remainder of my life. But with cannabis I only need half the opioids I need without it. But this full dose is destroying my organs and body killing me. Do they care I'll be dead before this is ever settled? Hell no! Thanks GA. B@stards!

  • I wonder how many black own companies got a contract (non) because white supremacist kemp /republicans don’t give contracts to black Americans

  • A School In One County Has Bought A School And Are Making It A Grow Center

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