Spider Mite Control for Medical Marijuana Plants

Spider Mite Control for Medical Marijuana Plants

http://www.marchbiological.com – 1-800-328-9140 – “The Bugman” shows how to control spider mite infestation on Medicinal …


Brad Ross


  • I’ve a marijuana crop ready for harvest Now
    What can I do ITS READY
    Please help I’ve a large crop

  • My grow tent is 60/70% humidity why do I still have them

  • Looking for a cure from nature.
    Something not full of toxins.
    Check out my link

  • How do I order the spider mite predators?

  • Any experience with russet mites? I'm testing mineral oil… No predators around..

  • Took one under a shower. Fliped the plant on the side so the water does not go into the bucket. Then gave a good cold shower, not too hard. Got rid of them all.

  • You lost me when you sprayin the plants and then say 'uhh.. this is strait water'

  • I get the whole "organic thing" but I dont care if the cure is radioactive and known to kill small amounts of OZONE with each use. I want something that is going to make them feel pain before being killed dead twice!

  • You seem very cool thank you for teaching me 💚

  • My right ear enjoyed this video. Anyways, very informative. Thanks

  • Wtf

  • Great video , cheerz fam plant looking fat 🤙💨💨💨🔥🔥⛽

  • pretty sure anyone even bringing up ladybugs at this point needs to update their knowledge base. ladybugs perform terribly as a predatory insect application. they just don't surviive or stay around enough to do shit. it's been demonstrated time and time again. nobody buys ladybugs anymore

  • Neem & D.E. fuck anything else

  • So is the bottle off eggs only a 1 time use?

  • The bugs you use here are not on your site 👎🏼

  • I noticed on my cannabis that I have a wasps nests full of wasps

  • Questions?, yes, what is the actual name of the spider mite predators.

  • I really love Aerogardens, this one works really good! I'm running out of room for them now. I enjoy fresh herbs for cooking. My garden is growing like a weed. Easy to operate. Love it>>>t.co/p1Kywf0nb1 .

  • would you cover a clone(s) with these predators? Will these harm hurt humans? Bite?

  • MMJ patient and my harvest had slight webbing. My clones have them already! Brad your awesome. Your delivery is fantastic

  • Great suggestion. More expensive than neem oil. Less of a hazard in early flowering stages I imagine. I will definitely be putting this in my arsenal. Spider mites are a huge problem in the early spring months before the high heat sets in.

  • how long does it take for them to hatch once you sprinkle your plant with eggs ? and where can i get them?

  • then how do you get rid of the predator bug's

  • wons you call me, yes but be, as you can   seeeee

  • How do you feel about mantis?

  • is there a timing period where you shouldn't use this. like a certain amount of weeks before harvest

  • Which spider mite predator is good for green house?

  • Which spider mite predator is good for indoors?

  • would it be safe to release them before you catch mites or does there have to be mites already

  • I used wild iguanas to kill my spider mite I just let them loose in the grow tent but forgetting that the plants were on a 12/12 light cycle the iguanas evolved into dinosaurs, some were vegetarian they were cool but the raptors started stalking the stegosaurus which at the time was the only dinosaur still eating the spider mite, as u can imagine this caused chaos to the equilibrium of the grow tent.. The smoke was good though

  • that sh*t doesnt look licensed 

  • Hi Brad I've been dealing with either the dreaded broad or cyclamen mite, I chased phantom deficiencies and toxicity problems for eight months before someone brought these to my attention. Needless to say I long for the old days when spider mites were a problem. I knocked them back in the cutting stage with the hard stuff and two weeks later I got my Neoseiulus californicus in the mail. Will these work, is 5000 enough for 4 1000 watts? Thanks!

  • hey I live in Oregon could u post there address or web address or phone # please , I let some 1 come in my room and I got mites from them , grrrrr, I hate mites , never had a prob with them intell a year ago . thanks MRbloodaxe2410

  • After they eat all the spider mite they die due to lack of food

  • Not sure how you could tell

  • oh! Also, diamitacious earth works well for repelling…

  • do mites like getting high??

  • ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻|_∧ ┻┳|・ω・) Did someone say ┳┻|⊂ノ Marijuana? ┻┳|J

  • When the spider mites are gone the predators die off due to lack of food.

  • but do not spray budded plants get those mites before they get to your budding plants never tryed it never will injoy dean

  • Another brilliant method to revive damaged plants and kill off most mites is to separate sour milk from the curds, strain the clear whey that smells bad into a spray bottle, spray the underside and tops of the plants if in vegetative cycle. They love it, and will turn green and lush. When it dries it smothers the mites and eggs. The sheen wears off after 2 weeks. Good for powdery mildew too. Horsetail tea is great against powdery mildew.

  • The best way is water from a hose and clean off the whole plant paying attention to the underside of the leaves. Usually a couple cleanings with water will kill enough of them to allow harvest before they build back up. Do not use chemicals you have no idea of to kill them all, theres a chance of seizures if you smoke it. Neem is great if used with Wet Betty, fulvic, and Vit B together, foliate with that even into the 2nd week of flower. Your welcome.

  • lol…..the budman

  • if indoors seal the room and use c02 good for the plants kills them dead eggs too

  • this is the first year i tryed it, I grow outdoors and i always have problems with ants,spiders,slugs and mites. i literally looked in my spice rack and picked garlic and cinamon and lighty sprinkled the surrounding soil and fan leaves, very careful not to get too much on the flowers. I noticed results within one day and i havent had a problem since. that was about 3 months ago. I have yet to harvest.

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