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  • It has medical benefits! Those with agendas or ignorance are those who fail to see the medical value of it.

  • Change parties and vote Democrat if Republicans in Tennessee don't legalize by November!! That's what I'm doing!!!

  • Damn ! I am moving out west to retire, the things that people argue about on the east coast, people don’t even think about out west . Everything is fine in the west wile the east and south are hypocritical when it comes to the things that they do and don’t want anyone to do them.

    I got out my pipe stuffed it with pot
    You better believe it held a whole lot.
    I whipped out a lighter thumbed up a flame
    Sucked down that smoke which comforts my brain.

    I tried alcohol smoked cigarettes
    They did nothing but give me regrets.
    My mom had arthritis could not walk around
    I rolled her a joint she danced on the ground.

    I thought I was losing my lovemaking knack
    After I smoked some to me it came back.
    Soon I decided prices were high
    I searched for some ground I wouldn't have to buy.

    I bargained for seeds from smokers all around
    Got in my truck and drove out of town.
    I walked through the woods where wild birds nest
    Found me the meadow I thought was the best.

    I dug up the ground sowed all my seeds
    Said a small prayer for strong, healthy weeds.
    I watered at night with a five-gallon pail
    Mosquitoes went hungry for I wore a veil.

    Seven months went by; I thought I would die
    Till the Halloween moon was high in the sky.
    At night I went out, in a camouflage suit
    Used my corn knife to chop down the loot.

    I hung it up to dry where it couldn’t be found.
    Came back and got it, when it had turned brown.
    I trimmed off the buds, stuffed them in bags
    Called all my friends and passed out free drags.

    In less than a week my crop was gone
    I flew to St. Thomas with a love hungry blonde!!

    By Kansas City Poet Tom Zart
    Google = Most Published Poet On The Web
    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!
    Google = George Bush Tom Zart

  • if yall think 80% of the population supports medical cannabis then who ever is voting against it needs to lose their jobs, because they clearly aren't representing the people.

  • Bullshit, the hypocrisy in this state is hilarious, go down on 2nd and Broadway on Friday and Saturday night (or during the week for that matter)and watch drunks stumble around and fight windmills, we’ve got more drinking gimmick’s then just getting fucked up in a bar: you can peddle and drink, ride on a wagon behind a tractor and drink, or ride in various party buses around town and drink, it’s a mess, and to have a few relics from the 1930’s reefer madness crowd continue to deny our citizens the rights that 33 other states provide to their citizens is pathetic, vote these people out, I’d rather see someone leave a dispensary with 2 quarters then leave a liquor store with 2 handles👍

  • So now I'm healthier. Only thanks to Weedborn 🙂

  • weed has been legal way b4 2000, but let’s all just pretend like it wasn’t, that’ll make everyone forget all about this spectacular interesting topic

  • some counties are dry still today if you dont want to drink or smoke you can live there most places aint

  • This is just sad. Using terms like "non-lethal overdose" to scare people and saying that "marijuana is the plant." Have these people never read a book on the prohibition or the drug war? Marijuana is a term created to associate cannabis with Mexicans and further anti-drug propaganda to with racist people in power. The American Pharmacopeia used to list cannabis and now we call it marijuana and don't even know why. The only people that should be allowed to pass these laws are the people studying the plant that actually know the history of prohibition and the actual pros and cons. It's not a miracle cure but if it gets a cancer patient eating or someone that hasn't slept from night terrors a good nights sleep then let the people make their own choices in medicine.

  • The fight for cannabis legalization

  • Most the people against legalization are over 60

  • really, how about alcohol. Comon people, argue that people will drive while high, what about alcohol, same thing. Just make tougher laws if you get caught driving. Look at the stupid alcohol laws when people get caught driving. They are on the road a year later, or sooner. Makes no sense when people complain about pot and everyone will drive while high

  • How many combat veterans have taken their own lives dealing with PTSD which could be alleviated with cannabis?

  • 0 deaths ever. any country that studies marihuana to get answers – not to find what they are looking for it get legalized. scheduled same as opioids should tell you everything. look at numbers of drunk driving , theft , deaths and the other things bad for people from all drugs ect. will also the question. stop corporation control . why 80% want it but still can't legally isn't WE THE PEOPLE !

  • Only two kinds of people oppose legalization
    1 they are ignorant on the subject
    2 they make money off of it being illegal

  • The War on Drugs. Brought to you by…Big Pharma.

  • When a loved one is in pain, wasting away unable to eat, and needs this marvelous herb in order to increase their appetite, reduce the overwhelming pain, and live as as healthy and happily as they can with the time they have left, let’s have the compassion to allow them to have it.

    Stop treating Medical Marijuana Patients like second rate citizens and common criminals by forcing them to the dangerous black market for their medicine.

    Risking incarceration to obtain the medicine you need is no way to be forced to live.

    Support Medical Marijuana Now!

  • God makes 🎄 man makes 💉 and pills who you trust ?🇺🇸

  • Absurd we are so antiquated on this for no reason.

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