SKINCARE Game Changers! Reviews of Recently Hauled Skincare

SKINCARE Game Changers! Reviews of Recently Hauled Skincare

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Products mentioned:
Victoria Beckham Beauty Cell Rejuvenating Power Serum $210 –
Sisley Pure Bright Activating Serum $380 –
Kypris Ad Astra Nighttime Eye Emulsion $150 –
Chantecaille Rose de Mai Eye Lift $97 –
Sisley Black Rose Eye Contouring Fluid $150 –
Good Molecules Instant Cleansing Balm $15 –
Chanel Sublimage Les Grains de Vanille $140 –
Chantecaille Pure Rosewater Facial Spray $59 –

Nail Polish – OPI Gel Polish in It’s A Piazza Cake

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Michele Wang


  • What are the steps to a skin care routine?

  • Thank you 🌈⭐️

  • the whole sisley black rose line is amazing! the face cream literally changed my skin for the better.

  • O my, that VB serum.. how could they even stick to that packaging! Chic, but useless. The product itself insanely disappointing. Not once did i splurge and the expectations were met. Every product with a shameless price tag was more than underwhelming so far. Maybe the skin ceuticals vitamin c at best. I even repurchased that. Everything else was beat (!BEAT, not equal to) by average products.

  • I stumbled onto a channel and it is great! You are a beautiful person, but most of all and importantly, beautiful on the inside. Wondering what your recommendation is for a great night cream?

  • I'm in my 40s, and my skin is very similar to yours.
    What CURED my skin problems is the principle "less is more".
    I'll tell you what products I use and my techniques too.

    Mostly I do two important things:
    #1: I use a facial brush to cleanse my skin every day. Gentle exfoliation is ABSOLUTELY KEY for reducing redness, enlarged pores, wrinkles and dry appearance. Using the automatic facial brush, daily, puts less stress on the skin because you don't have to do harsh exfoliating once a week.
    #2: I try to use simple, natural moisturizers and go light on the product. I also mostly moisturize in the winter when inside humidity is less than 40%. I use a combination SPF moisturizer in the summer.

    Products I use:
    CLEANSERS: With the facial brush I use simple cleansers that don't have harsh ingredients, and they are made to do one thing, clean.

    MOISTURIZER: I use is a mix of an expensive product, Sisley Hydra Global Intense Anti Age, cut in half by mixing a REALLY TINY bit of pure African Shea butter. I mix them together with a few drops of water and I spread it around my face. It works amazingly well and lasts long. I haven't yet found an SPF moisturizer I love, but I will try the Sisley SPF 50 cream, or look for something less expensive yet simple.

    If you want to do more TO REDUCE WRINKLES, you must nourish from the inside out, I can tell you which supplements help if anyone wants to know. Temporary plumping and filling only damages the skin because it goes against the "less is more" principal.

    TO REDUCE DARK SPOTS, unfortunately there is no cure, it's often hereditary, and while there are products that lessen the melatin to even out the pigment, you must understand that you are basically removing the pigment from the skin wherever you apply the product, so eventually you will have whiter skin which in my opinion, makes you look older, not younger.

    Obviously there are other products like make up removers and tinters, acne treatment for serious cases, and different cosmetics, but if you can try to implement the "less is more" principal AND daily exfoliation, I know you will see results. Try it.

  • Sisley has 20% off sale right now

  • What is the name of the cleanser balm you mentioned you preferred?

  • Googled the Sisley under eye contour fluid… Your video was the first. Duhhhh 🤣😉

  • Hi,
    Can you do updated info on the sisley serum.

  • I was so tempted to try the Subliminage Vanilla Chanel Mask but now I know its defintily my next Sepho purchase 🙂

  • I just turned 50 and can completely relate to the sunbathing and heavy smoker commit!! Quit doing doing both!!

  • hello. have you tried vascular laser? it is magical !

  • I never would’ve thought Michele was a heavy smoker, her lips don’t show it, or even sun worshiper, she’s like one of us. 🙂

  • Thanks. I love the video.. The fashion luxury stuff. I defenitely recommend Really great quality and lowest price I have ever seen.

  • Michelle, have you ever used medical grade skincare? I use skinmedica, skincueticals, truth treatment and osmosis. I was curious how those products compare to like prestige brands like la mer and stuff.

  • Need to get rid of an eczema patch that's not going away. Help !

  • Can u give me the link of ur favorite cleansing balm which u told me in video, pls give link of it.

  • Sisley is HG! That serum is fading my pregnancy mask beautifully – in the same area, around the frame of my jaw.

  • Does anyone have tips to get rid of milia without visiting a doctor?

  • Thank u for review- I’ve been looking at the VB serum so glad to get your thoughts. I’m getting the Kypris dew drop serum and I neeeeeed a good eye cream and while it’s still pricey it’s not as pricey as the Retrouve eye cream which with our currency is just toooooo expensive. 💜

  • Go to website it’s 20% off. Why can’t I see the list of ingredients? The real ingredients not the “baffle me with BS ingredient list.

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