SKINCARE FOR SWEAT | Pre & Post Workout Skin Routine

SKINCARE FOR SWEAT | Pre & Post Workout Skin Routine

Runnin’ this skin routine like cardio! 💪 💦
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  • Jeanine do you not sweat post a workout???? I stink so baddd I can never pull off an athliesure look right after 😭 you do it so effortlessly 🔥

  • So I shouldn’t wash my face after working out?

  • Dear so beautiful 😻 I like when you takecare if your skin from sweat 💦 I like you put cream and remove the bacteria dear there’s something also you have to remove the becteria dear your armpits after you are done from workout 🏋️‍♀️ it doesn’t stinky theres nice deodorant for that dear it comes with wipes also after when you are done from work out it can help this deodorant wipes but before you should rub both of your armpits by normal wipes 🧻 dear to avoid sweat 💦 after you wipe them dear you smell them by wipes 🧻 if it’s stinky you use that deodorant wipes 😘you will like it dear and thank me 👍😍

  • i got her in my vision as one of my stars

  • What if you workout twice a day?

  • I love love love, the LUNA 3 really is bomb, the best thing for your skin – I use it to deep cleanse sunscreen after cycling outside…

  • Send your number

  • Nice style!

  • Yo I had NO idea you were there same woman from The Real. Had just watched some videos from about 5 years ago, you look really different, way better and younger.. I thought you were in your 20s in THIS video. Also never thought a person could go from generically petite to thicc, amazed 😶

  • Lmfaoo ur mom is so funny

  • More on your exercises please, now that I am quarantined.

  • So u don’t take a shower? how u don’t stink??

  • Mama Mai voice should be like a Siri or Alexa I love it and she's so funny

  • There is no way you’re in your 40s!! Hehe you’re beautiful, and fun! 🙂 💞

  • Honestly Mama Mai got me to subscribe!!!

  • Mama Mai in the background 😅😂😂😂😂😂

  • I wish Jeannie was my friend in real life! She is so awesome!

  • LMAOO Mama Mai at the end

  • Hi Jeannie , I was wondering if you could do a YouTube video on what you eat .

  • Your skin is so beautiful it looks so soft

  • What are best facial masks to use?

  • You are the most beautiful woman in the world I swear

  • Jeannie you should take mama Mai to the gym with you so that we can see how is she going to react ❤️

  • Mama Mai does not waste ANYTHING Hunnay😂😂❤️💃

  • Workout routine pls 😊

  • 🐼 eyesss 🤣😂🤣

  • Lol Jeannie having a full on orgasm while washing her face 😂😂😂 enjoy hunaaaayyyyy

  • Big boobs thanks to Mama does that mean mama paid for them or she inherited them???

  • “Keo quan cao len de dung thay bung” LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣 good looking out Mama Mai

  • Make sure mama mai make an appearance in every video

  • I can teach you …

  • I love your necklace 😍 where is it from??

  • The Luna kept breaking me out, did anyone else have this problem?

  • Jeannie you are super fine ..and all the goodness in life you deserve..keep doing you and I’m glad your happy with Jay

  • 8:03 when your girl starts jackin' it hard

  • Thanks for the video. Bye bubbay!

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