Skin care for travel: tips from a dermatologist| Dr Dray

Skin care for travel: tips from a dermatologist| Dr Dray

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Dr Dray


  • To our lakeside cabin, and not planning to use tons of serums. 1 am serum, 1 pm serum, soap and moisturiser and sunscreen. However, there is a whole extra cosmetic bag of prescription personal care ointments and similar, plus the shampoo and conditioner. Not to mention toothpaste and antiperspirant as well as makeup, bug spray and medications.

  • We are going to the US VI St. John Island. Taking along my simple skin care kit that includes differen gel. But should I bring the hydroquinone too?

  • Hi Dr Dray I love watching all your videos I was just wondering some people say don't use the sink in the toilet of an aeroplane to wash your face after you have cleansed so can you use fragrance free cleansing wipes instead to cleanse your face?

  • "hand hygene is soemthing to stay on top of" a bit of foreshadowing? lol

  • Is it advisable to continue with your regular skincare routine that include active ingredients like vitamin c, retinol, alpha arbutin, etc. while traveling where your skin would be exposed to sun all day long?


  • I'm traveling to Europe for a little over two weeks this summer and I was seriously panicking about how I was gonna bring my skincare with me – thanks for the video!!

  • Flight attendant here and I'm officially referring to the gate area as a holding pen from now on 🤣

  • I just came from Cincinnati to New Orleans. It was not a long flight but it got delayed now my face is all red and swollen specially the area around my lips. It’s looks so bad. What do you suggest and is it dry skin? There is inflammation all over the face.

  • I’m going to Dubai! Traveling from Manila (tropics) to desert climate, is there anything I can bring to help me in the drier weather aside from sunscreen and moisturizer? Like would a hydrating serum help?

  • I’m on my way to buy the boots no. 7 eye patches! I live in the UK, so boots has it’s own drugstore. I haven’t been a fan of their standard skincare line but a recommendation from Dr. Dray is not to be ignored! I love your channel and as a nurse whose very much into skincare it’s wonderful to have such a strong evidence based voice in the community calling out so many skincare lines for their claims and empowering consumers to make more informed decisions. Thank you.

    Also re: your vicarious living request, I’m on travelling to Gran Canaria tomorrow! My much beloved preferred holiday spot. I shall be trying out the boots no. 7 eye patches just before touchdown and be sure to layer up that SPF!

  • How old are you Dr, Dray?

  • I never knew that windows in airplane were UV filtering…

  • Thanks for the great tips! I'm flying to Disneyland with my grandma, uncle and cousins 😊

  • Montreal Canada! It’s a lovely place to visit if you get the chance 🥰 Big city but very safe and you feel so comfortable even at night. Also there’s so much to do, it’s great!

  • Obsessed with the clothing with UV protection that is so awesome and affordable

  • Florida to the visit my brother. I am very diligent about sunscreen having suffered with basal cell carcinoma from foolishly sun worshipping as a teen. Now I use sunscreen, UV glasses hats, clothing, a parasol & avoid peak hours of the suns rays. All our vehilcles have UV filter glass.

  • Hi, I’ve traveled to Idaho Falls, Idaho to see family. We are going to a cabin for Thanksgiving and snow is expected. Love 💕 seeing family. Enjoy your holiday with Mom.

  • Great tips,no travel plans for winter,I learned today CeraVe does animal testing,now I will not buy anymore CeraVe🙀😾🙉🙊😭😿😫

  • Fabulous video as always. I am traveling to the Caribbean soon for a week and will heed your tips for traveling by air. Thanks Dr.Dray.

  • Would you ever be willing to do a skincare routine for flight attendants? I spend over 100hrs in the air per month.

  • In the beads section of Hobby Lobby they carry a variety of sizes of both zip-bags and plastic and glass containers for travel containers
    they are pretty well priced $2-10 for sets of 6-20. Plus there always is a %40 of coupon online.
    I particularly like the glass ones. I like being able to wash and sanitize them

  • Thanks to you my skin got so much better! ❤ I have a question regarding sunscreen, could you please recommend a good sunscreen for dehydrated and dry skin? I use la roche posay fluid spf 50+ but I get so oily during the day 🙁

  • Could u talk about Vitamin D benefits for skin, in skincare/supplements ?

  • Hey Dr. Dray! Im going to NY for the holidays to visit my family over there. Cant wait for your fav ointment videos❤ im gonna be sure to pack my moisturizer and sunscreen ☺💘

  • Christmas break skiing vacation to northern Michigan. No family allowed!

  • Great ideas

  • Travelling from UK to Australia for Christmas. Would be great to know if any of this advice would differ for long-haul flights… E.g. is a fragrance-free sheet mask useful to help reduce transepidermal water loss? Should I wash my face and re-apply occlusive moisturiser during a short layover?

  • You look amazing! Glowing skin!

  • Can I put on moisturizer on top of my sunscreen? Like before you take off, I usually already have sunscreen on.

  • Thank you! Will you please review Jan Marini? It's being sold at Massage Envy and I don't know if it's worth it or not ($330 for a kit)

  • Thank you!

  • Dr Dray: “ask I really need to lug all this around the country with me?”

    Me: “yes…”

    Dr Dray: “probably not”

    Me: 😑


  • Can you do a video on Human growth factors in skincare?

  • Just got back from a 16 day trip to Portugal and Morocco. Returned with acne. I did moisturize but not enough clearly. Will watch this again next time. Morocco is lovely!!

  • Hii, have you ever come across doublebade moisturising gel ?if you have please let me know your thoughts on it 😊

  • These are some great tips that I will definitely be using on my long haul flights this holiday season! Thank you 🙂 Also I'm new to your channel and I appreciate all of your professional advice and education.

  • Hi Dr Dray hope you have a wonderful weekend ….💙🤩

  • Dr Dray, check out La Roche-Posay Toleriane Sensitive Créme. I use it at night and when i travel, it is amazing and it is a but richer than toleriane fluide. It is very gentle to sensitive skin (mine is acne-prone also and it does not irritate me in any way)!!

  • I'm going to Saint Petersburg(Russia), you should visit it, highly recommend it.

  • Does this mean that the cardigan I bought at old navy, the cotton gloves and the sailormoon scarf I wear while driving don’t protect me from the sun as well as I thought they did?

  • I'm traveling to Detroit next month for my birthday weekend 🙂 I'm so excited since it's been so long since I've legitly celebrated my birthday! haha. My skin always breaks out on the plane or when I'm traveling 🙁 Thank you for the tips! 💕

  • BTW I can't tell your age just by looking at you. How old are you?

  • Windows in the plane are plastic, not from glass.
    Are you sure it protects from UVB and UVA?

  • I live in the Sonoran desert, so getting on an airplane is no change in humidity for me. I do wonder how much living in first the chihuahuan desert and now the Sonoran desert had contributed to my acne!

  • I'm leaving for a month, should I bring most of my skin care stuff? I have very very dry skin and your routines helped me i'm scared to mess it up lol

  • Go Tubes are amazing and I highly recommend them. Just be sure not to put acid based washes or lotions in them.

  • Timely video for me as I fly to NY to visit my almost 98 years young Grandma! I hope you and your Mom have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm very grateful for finding you!

  • Dr dray can you please make a video on different products used during menstruation and how is one better than the other? Pads, tampons and menstrual cups.

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