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  • WTF, i live here n never heard of this meet up/

  • Wyoming signature gathering is a good step for legalization of medical marijuana.

  • Legalize medical, leave it criminalized for people without a medical license, at the very least. This coming from a former oklahoman and current wyoming resident that since OK legalized medical it became the fastest growing industry in all of Oklahoma, and the most popular. It didn't have any negative drawbacks and didn't increase crime, infact it put many street dealers out of business. Wyoming could then rely on something other than coal for their primary economy and the people would have alternative medicine/treatments. It's a win/win, especially in this day and age where everything is uncertain or gradually deteriorating, as far as the country goes.

  • Awesome!

  • What people don't realize is most of the people who smoke in Wyoming are old lady's.🤣

  • Please don't bring that crap here, you will make Wyoming like Colorado, criminals , crime harder drugs and drug addiction, drug addicts

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