• What happened to Pain Points?

  • When it comes to bullying telling a teacher about it doesn’t necessarily help. I watched my teachers watch a child being bullied. Then when he finally reacted he was the one that got in trouble, not the bully. More importantly Dr. Zoffness also states that the principles and teachers know. Why do children need to wait for other children to help them? What is stopping the adults from stepping up or in to help them?

  • I’ve reached out to 8 therapists, 6 are not accepting new patients, 2 don’t work with my schedule

  • One thing I was taught during my EMT training is on a suicide call be careful. The suicidal person seem to have some tendencies to want to kill someone with them. Reflecting on what was said that a child who is homicidal tend to be suicidal is something that is taught at a low level in medical training. If someone is suicidal or you think they could be suicidal there is a chance they are homicidal. If they have suicidal tendencies they may already be fully homicidal.

  • You are both incredible! Every school staff member, administrator, board of education member and parent needs to see this!

    As a former special Ed/gen Ed teacher, former board of education trustee and mom of 3 neurodiverse 2e kids (gifted/ASDL1/adhd/anxiety) I ponder the addition of an “evolutionary” component to bio-psycho-social profile.

    In today’s world, many adults define success of children by stellar grades and acceptance to a top notch college/university. These high expectations have translated to a top down approach to
    pre k-12 academic and developmental expectations that often exceed a child’s bio-psycho-social-evolutionary innate developmental programming and capacity to “produce” by meeting grade level expectations. We do this in exchange of the developmentally appropriate whole-body movement, play and social experiences their bodies and brains need to develop their self-regulatory systems socio-emotional skills and evolutionary gut instincts and for survival- think 70’s childhood!

    This has been exacerbated by overuse and/or inappropriate use of screens. The pandemic ramped this up even more.

    So instead of children using the 7 senses (the basic 5 plus vestibular and proprioceptive…there are even more…) required for them to learn about, make sense of and adapt to the 3D world in the way our kids’ prefrontal cortex’s need, they have been put in a box with a 2D screen flooding them with digital dopamine. Less screen time 📺 🎮 MORE GREEN TIME 🌳 🌞 🧘🏽🚣🏼‍♀️🏕🚴🏾‍♂️🌱🌎

    When we structure learning/growing environments for and WITH children’s input in ways that allow for flexibility in thinking/teaching/learning, problem solving, ample time for outdoor play/exploration, socialization and classroom community reflection meetings, many kids’ needs are organically met real-time. These naturally “therapeutic” environments allow for meaningful opportunities for kids to organically develop socioemotional skills, self regulation and awareness of/response to others’ emotions with caring and for teachers/adults to observe and intervene if/when is needed. Those children who may need more support and implicit instruction/intervention can be proactively identified sooner instead of falling through the cracks and unraveling in middle and high school.

    I believe many of the concerning behaviors children exhibit are stress induced-fight/flight/freeze responses (depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation and more) in response to the deprivation of the bio-psycho-evolutionary programming experiences and environments our children need, designed from birth-adulthood (not the other way around). I speculate this is even more pronounced in neurodiverse children.

    It is my hope that our leaders realize that your therapeutic, caring and non-shaming approach in support and treatment to meet each child’s bio-psycho-social-evolutionary needs coupled with developmentally appropriate practice will guide our children to discover their strengths/gifts allowing them
    to follow their authentic paths to healthy adulthood and success. 🌍 🕊✨

  • You did NOT have the right of way. The person going straight does. It makes no difference who got to the intersection first.

  • Great conversation. Shame and Regret for expressing an honest Emotion, Rage. That makes it feel like Zdogg's Rage at the driver was premeditated, which it wasn't. He owned up to it and realized that even he is capable of that emotion. He was able to express it and not let it escalate or spill over to the point of involving unwanted people in his life, i.e. the person of his rage, and potentially the legal system.

  • The thing about emotion and meditation is really interesting, I have the fortune to have a teacher that teaches this. If someone thinks that meditation removes emotion somehow, thats a sign of spiritual bypassing and their control issues.

  • Regarding CBD and the patient, what if taking CBD had established/strengthened a certain neural pattern/network and they simply no longer needed CBD? As a consequence, giving fake CBD gummies off the start wouldn't have worked.

  • Fascinating info re adol shooters… but I'm wondering: are there cases in which the kid did not show intent, did not reveal a plan?

  • Finally another therapist said it; therapy is supposed to be hard.
    Love this combo. Great perspective from Dr. Rachel.

  • These seems like an ideal show to discuss psychedelic research.

  • My God this was insightful! It torn my biases apart!

  • Z Dawg B macking.

  • Thank you for this amazing information. I was wondering about the cannabis study we just don’t know enough to not consider it as a treatment. Also cannabis has so many components of CBD and THC not just the getting high for that have been shown effective for inflammation reduction in certain conditions. I hope to hear more about this. Would love to hear an expert on this topic that can dissect all that information. Thank you again 🙏🏼

  • z² all day!!! Love you guys.

  • This talk should be the next contagious disease lol (in a good way) the 2nd half was incredible. I'm recovering from COVID and I've been scared through the entire thing. What was said through the 2nd half gave me some real courage. The placebo talk, pacing talk and how to manage making goals feels like I have better tools to make it all the way through. I normally don't watch these kinds of these but I'm glad I did. thanks! Keep doing it, it's pretty awesome!

  • Dr Z is a creepy liar

  • Z&Z is my new favorite thing on YouTube!

  • There is a great book called why kids kill from Peter Langman. He broke down several shooters including columbine and the Virginia Tech shooters.

  • This is such a fabulous show. Thank ti you both for discussing these issues. I wish she was my pain management doctor. All they want to do is push pain medication on me. I’m desperate to try anything else that’s out there! I’ve been thinking of maybe trying the M. I present Dr says no. I’m also alérgica to TSP that’s in it? I can use any help you speak of. Loved Airwolf.

  • I have continually been saying the same thing for years that sociology should be a requirement for school. A psychology teacher. Mandatory! Kindness, the golden rule! I used to get books for my elementary son about patience and common courtesy to others… and continue it till this day. He is now a sophomore and I will let him hear parts of this podcast. Thanks for this conversation

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