Sapphire Medical Clinics First to Offer More Affordable UK Manufactured Medical Cannabis Products

Sapphire Medical Clinics First to Offer More Affordable UK Manufactured Medical Cannabis Products

According to recent reports, more than a million UK patients buy cannabis illegally to treat themselves. While on the streets, …


Sapphire Medical Clinics


  • I'm seriously thinking about trying a medical cannabis prescription but I have a few questions beforehand.
    If anyone is able to answer I'd really appreciate it.
    How involved is my regular NHS doctor in the process?
    I've been taking opiate based painkillers for more than 20 years as well as anti depressants and sleeping tablets and I'm sick of them.
    I feel like crap all the time, I've no energy, I can't eat properly and feel like a zombie. I've no interest in things I used to love. The list of side effects goes on and on.
    While I plan to come of my 'normal' medication I don't want to go through the mental and physical pain of withdrawal before I'm sure medical cannabis works for me.
    Do I have to stop my 'normal' medication before I start taking medical cannabis?
    Any help with these questions would be greatly received.

  • We have ignored the benefits of plant based medicine for far to long. I have never understood why we copy a natural medicine when we can just use the natural medicine. Pharmaceuticals copy the natural medicine and make a synthetic as they know it works. So it makes no sense to make growing or using the natural medicine a crime. I would argue it's more of a crime to destroy natural medicine just to copy it by using pharmaceuticals. People should be able to access natural remedies and choose what works for them. Surely much less costly to the nhs too..

  • Calmed me down – love it

  • I can't understand why it is so expensive. I'm sure Theresa Mays husband runs it. The hypocrisy.

  • As a 30 yr old mother of 3 suffering with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis how do i get this !!!! No pain medication works…

  • cannabis is one of the most cheapest medications

  • Just ridiculous that if you can't afford the private medical costs which are completely extortionate then your a criminal in the UK, especially the repeat prescription costs, your local dealer wouldn't charge you extra for being a repeat customer, if anything the more you see one the better the deal's get.

  • Cost needs to be covered on NHS through Benefits and Low Income people or whatever

  • Just waiting on my 1st consultation phone call🤞

  • It boggles my mind that the government can quite happily produce cannabis products through GM and yet deny us the right to do so ourselves.

  • Still paying ridiculous prices for it and I have been using it since June last year and only one tub of flower I've ordered was OK. The quality is shite. There are two types of patients, one who knows nothing about cannabis strains so they are just given what the doctor sends. They other are people who know there cannabis and know what and are given the same rubbish. This is why I'd rather buy better quality ealse where. They are making a fortune from us all! We have a long way to go. legalisation for recreational and medical use ✌️🌱💚

  • Shame they didn't show at the end what they run out of time for…..probably the football scores that can be easily accessible sacrificed for content and information that isn't🤔

  • all the while the doctors are against using it we will never get what we need, i have a letter from all doctors in my surgery, then my doctor put on the form to dvla i take canibis and wont give it up he also stated on that same form that ive long term PTSD and back injury meaning im in constant pain, ive been taking it for 40+years,surely a doctors priority is a patients wellfare? ive had my licence revoked on history of drug use ive never been caught with drugs never been driving on drugs, so im now trapped at home buying mine from criminals and its rubbish 😒

  • How do I get on this I been suffering with adhd depression anxiety, impulsive.
    I'm trying to get cannabis prescribed because it's the only thing that helps. I hate taking quetipine and anomoxitin.

  • this is lies, they will string you along for months with promises of this or help that.
    it’s all nonsense they are just like the rest of big pharma they want your info on a database!
    do not trust a word they say.
    They lie and deceive as bad as the street dealers.
    Worst experience ever!
    they care not!
    they’ll remove my comment too.
    I only speaking the truth so no one else falls into their trap.
    They will exploit your misery and string you along with false promises.

  • Where do you get medical cannabis from for really bad Anxiety this is what I'm dealing with.

  • My first appointment tomorrow 👍

  • How do I get this

  • I also took morphine and it did nothing for me. The doc was fine with giving me this yet wouldn't give my cannabis based medicine. Must be something to do with the pharmaceutical companies earning huge amounts of money and the UK GPs are in cahoots with them. Shocking!!

  • I need these natural products free so we can all stop taking the poison that's already available from your doctor? We all need education on the human endocannabinoid system people and it's time for us all to wake up and take back the plant that is officially ours and has been for thousands of years!!!!

  • Amazing the points at which the media choose to cut people off.

    When its cannabis related, its almost always while they're explaining the benefits.

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