RSO treatment 1000mg Of THC DAILY Trulieve Cannabis Medical Marijuana

RSO treatment 1000mg Of THC DAILY Trulieve Cannabis Medical Marijuana

I have been taking RSO for about 30 days now and it has gotten me back on my feet!! @trulieve.


Jennifer McManis


  • God bless you. Jesus loves you

  • May God bless you 🙏

  • Hey can you please contact me I had a couple conditions that are the same as yours doctors have been telling me they don’t know but they see the symptoms especially the unexplained blood pressure….My name is Justin colon on Facebook or juelz2478 on Snapchat if u can help ty if not it’s ok I feel like I’m losing myself and my kids see it I’m becoming detached either way After your video I am going to try rso today ty for the push u remind me of my mom a lot 🙁

  • How’s the meth helping your energy and weight loss queen of trashco I mean pasco

  • Wow! You’re amazing, so happy you feel better.

  • Hey I was wondering if you ever found out about your stomach I feel like i have a rock in my stomach sometimes and every morning i wake up nauseous and either throw up or have to use the restroom sometimes it goes away for a little while but I have literally lost 25 LBS in a little over 2 months my blood work is normal and i have a ultrasound scheduled later this week trying to find something that will help with nausea and stomach issues do you suggest the rso and delta distillate?

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I am going through some of the health issues you are. These doctors down here… my GOD. So I am with you on that issue. They let me go 2 years with heartrates of between 134-168.

    I have the thyroid nodules too. I suffer from many of the same symptoms you are experiencing And quite a laundry list of stuff ranging from nerve damage in my legs and arms, a rare disorder in my spinal cord called Tarlov's Cyst Disease, autoimmune arthritis that is eating away at my joints and spine. Just so much stuff. Too many to list. SO many nasty syndromes.

    Living this way is horrible. It sucks all of the joy and the life out of you. To be in constant pain all over your body. Muscles, bones, joints, connective tissues and soft tissues all aflame at one time. I got PTSD from it because in the beginning, I didn't have healthcare insurance. I lost my career in healthcare over this. And I suffered for 5 years while waiting for Disability and medicare. The pain would get so bad that I would pass out. It literally felt like my bones and joints head to toe were fracturing and breaking inside of me. I would stay awake 2 or 3 days in a row when the pain would escalate. It have me migraines that would last 3-5 days. The pressure in my head and behind my eyes was unbearable.

    I had blood pressures that were over 200 d. and over 200 for s.

    I literally prayed for my life to end in my sleep every. single. day.

    6 months ago, I could barely get out of my bed. And when I did, it was only to see my doctors, (it killed me sitting in thier offices waiting even for 5 min.,) and then go back and forth to the bathroom.

    My insomnia was horrible. The pain was excruciating even with opiates. It was like I wasn't even taking them at all before I started taking mmj products.

    But, I needed more help than just taking those oil based 'targeted formula' tinctures from the only dispensary in town.

    It's anyone's guess what strains were used to make them and they sure won't tell you at that place so you don't have any way to really choose a strain that would carry the specific medicinal traits you need and the preferences you have.

    We JUST got a Trulieve dispensary here. And today I went there….

    I'd heard about RSO. And wanted to give it a try and I have just taken my first dose. I am hoping and praying that this helps me even more.

    I'm subscribing to you. I want to see how you're coming along with what you're doing and try it to see if it will help me too.

    Thank you so much for being here. God bless you. And I hope you are doing good. ❤❤❤

  • Amen

  • Best of luck to you, glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  • Thank you for sharing Jenni!

  • Amazing! Shout out Trulieve Palm Coast!

  • Im glad the powers that be are allowing folks to use these herbs and products to heal their bodies. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  • Thank u for sharing your story ! you r very brave…u def have to be your on advocate

    I deal w chronic pain…i’m in Fl & have a card. how do u take your rso oil ? I purchased some….I know ur not supposed to vape it

    I think they all have a bad taste & so sticky
    (the truclear). maybe the RSO will taste better

    it’s tough when u find something that works bc the dispensaries r always changing strains or they r sold out.

    hope that u have total healing !

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