• How do you water the plants with the irrigation system

  • Dude support your plants! Stakes, yo-yo, string, or best is scrog net

  • Whats your fb

  • Hope u learned to grow now…watch the grow boss a bit m8 🤔

  • great video bro thanks, two questions come to mind, 1.what would you say is the proper and safe PH level for the plants and fish’s life? 2. how many fish take to give the proper and safe levels of nutrients for each plant?

  • Man those plants in every video are BOMB. i will try the same as you But have some fish in my water for my outdoor grow ill let you know if i see any spectacular results like yours!

  • Are you adding extra nutrition flowering stage?

  • Tnx for the vid. What light bulbs are you using? Led grow bulbs?

  • Yo nice work bro. Looks like you got a good yield coming soon. I got a long wait still. Cheers brother. ✌🌍💯💯💯

  • Those fish are high asf

  • Some stringy looking plants man, seen this a hundred times with indoor growers that have been at it for less than a few years.

  • 🌱💚🍻 come check out my medical grow

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