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  • Is it activated THC or is it THCA? I would assume it’s activated when it’s in the slow cooker but depends on the temperature. I believe it takes 225 degrees to activate doubt the slow cooker gets to that temp, I may be wrong.

  • no DECARB BUDS ?

  • Can you use sativa ?

  • so bad jesus

  • 50 grams flower made 4cc oil?

  • nah… just nah. even reducing it down to a shatter is too much of a risk with denatured. that oil is…. NAH. food-safe grain alcho only. I learn't that the hard way and it hurt

  • Bad idea to use IPA, Ethanol is safe to consume.

  • Finger weg die scheiße ist hoch giftig

  • Way to watery that was

  • Truly beautiful

  • Not inna plastic bowl.

  • I know Weedborn has the best CBD products ever.

  • I know Weedborn has the greatest CBD supplements around.

  • Been making this for a long time towards the end when you're in your Crock-Pot add a couple drops of water and then you won't have to put it in that little monkey dish and do a double burner afterwards and I do it until it starts boiling then it is gone I learned how to watch it by watching Rick Simpson's oil himself that's the guys videos you want to watch to make it correctly happy smoking and animals which we do I love him for my favorite thing in the world it's a lot easier than smoking and it kills your game for a lot longer and you don't have to talk your brains out and stink up and get everybody high around you even though most of the people I know like the smell of it even if they don't smoke go figure one day it will be legal State welcoming countrywide it will be legal one day in this beautiful country of ours LOL I'm just a shitshow that control everything keep doing what you're doing some bad going to happen some countries going to get mad at us and blows up they think we're all a joke as it is not a man I didn't mean to get in and all that I got a lot going on with my family and shitzu I just lost my mom to just a few days ago so I'm a little stoned right now in a little talkative and if it doesn't make sense cuz i r I talk into the phone and I lost a finger the a while ago and it's hard to text sometimes my hand still hurts and I also make something that's made out of dabs if you want to know how to make that give me a text I mean or hit me back and I'll let you know it works better than RSO I call it tincture oil I got a better name for it but you know how people are those steel it I'm trying to look into a ways to get it patented so I can do a right so no one can steal my name of it

  • Why is my liquid muddy brown

  • I cooked the weed in virgin coconut oil. It's green of course. Since i used it i breath better etc etc…

  • Can i do this with 90% sugarcane white rum instead of isopropyl alcohol?

  • 4 ml doesn't seem a lot for 50g of weed ? that's 10.25 grams for 1ml

  • Isopropyl Alcohol is poison… with all the bad shit I get in the air, water, and food, why the hell would I add more poison to my diet????

  • Did you decarb first if so how

  • how to remove THC and remain only CBD becouse now when i use my oil get high af….

  • Another way to make sure the bad alcohol is gone would be to add say a cup of ever-clear/pure ethanol to the finished first oil, mixing in well and re-evaporate . This would economically virtually eliminate any trace of the toxic alcohol . Agreed, not a good idea to do indoors for flame or explosion incident but as much for eliminating "ingestion" of the bad alcohol via breathing which would likely be a very substantial amount! Regarding the finish, The Master of the subject , Rick Simpson, says to add six drops of water at near the end before the little bubbles go away and that will keep the oil from overheating and finish flashing off the solvent. He ought to know!

  • You forgot to sprinkle water before it's reduced.

  • Get rid of the Poison you used to wash your weed. ISO, unless Labeled 'FOOD SAFE' is not 'Food Safe'. It's POISON! Don't use it.
    Use 190 grain alcohol. Although it would kill you to drink straight, it's perfect for doing this.
    Instead of using a crock pot and losing all your alcohol, try a closed system like an electric still (water distiller). You'll get most of your alcohol back plus it'll decarb your weed at the same time.
    And you won't need to worry about blowing the house up with an open crock pot full of simmering ISO. DANGER! If your going to use a crock pot, do it in the garage with the door open and a fan running and swap out the ISO.

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  • Did he use decarboxaleted??

  • Would methylated spirit be ok ?

  • Did you decarb it first in oven?

  • How do you decarb? Before pouring the alcohol or right at the end ?

  • I made a few batches and I find my oil at the end cools and hardens fast. It's like tar, Is this normal

  • some gurkin weed bruh! lol

    just jokin, nice video! 🙂

  • You do not soak the weed in the iso you run it through unless you want green oil.If you just run it throught it will come out gold looking sec ya need to strain ALL particals out.Then slow cook it but dnt let it bubble just let it get to the point right b4 boil then swish it around a bit cuzz some oil will collect on the side of the pot an do that untill ALL the iso is gone an NO bubbles are in your end product.When boiling off the iso fill a big pot with 3/4 water an then put the strained iso into a smaller pot an put it on top of the water in the bigger pot an let it boil off like that……NEVER EVER EVER EVER put the iso on direct heat.I make it all the time.Plus if you can use only bud…your oil will be WAY WAY better than using shake.Imo this oil look like shit.
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  • Was that a rice cooker or a slow cooker?

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  • What temperature or level are you using on your rice cooker?
    What temp is the best. Temp to use, and don't burn up. The. Oil

  • ant a silicone scrapper, you lost, some good bits.,

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