Richardson father risks freedom to promote cannabis treatments for his daughter

Richardson father risks freedom to promote cannabis treatments for his daughter

Richardson father risks freedom to promote cannabis treatments for his daughter A few times a month, Mark Zartler of Richardson, …




  • I just saw this I could not help crying because I am going through this

  • the girl is like mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Committing a crime? What a joke of a society we live in.

  • I can say this i was diagnosed with “cluster headaches” recently that later turned into epilepsy with a black dot on my Brain that’s very painful , to the point I wanna end it ,I smoked marijuana and never had a problem ! once I stopped I started having more and more seizures and headaches medication don’t work and it’s scary to think I have to smoke before bed sense I’m seizure active during my sleep But this works wonders and I’m glad we found something that could change someone from wanting to end it all to someone that’s a lot happier and less in pain

  • Couldn't opioids help as well or alcohol?

  • ⬆️⬆️ look him up you can purchase from him….

  • CBD works

  • Smart idea but idk why he decided to tell the whole world

  • Govt prefers you to purchase prescription drugs, for their benefits $

  • Yeah My Daughter also suffers from the same issues Too!☹️

  • The sad thing is probably the girl is damaged because of the medical system 😔

  • Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

  • Every state must legalize this medication. And forgive all Marijuana charges.

  • Maaaaan….that was so heartbreaking to watch…then the rocking back and forth calmed my heart

  • 😢 l feel bad

  • Demonic possession 💯 just like people who have epilepsy. Sad, but many people are vessels for demons. Just like narcissists and sociopaths.

  • You have to be extremely closed minded to think this father is harming his child. It’s okay to give her lots of psych meds ect but something natural is the issue…. Man we are so far from how we should be living as humans

  • legend

  • What a great dad emotional viewing he is a hero 👏 could he not now avoid prosecution by moving to States where cannabis use is legal?

  • this is why we need to get rid of the stigma around marijuana. it can help so many people with problems such as the ones she has, but it can even help people such as myself with anxiety and depression. marijuana is no more evil than alcohol, so they should both be legal.

  • This is so sad 💯

  • The other twin: boy did i get lucky

  • Wish i have a father like that

  • They should research on this, why not if this helps kids

  • Marijuana does miracles,all that other prescriptions messing people up even more.for a reason they don’t prescribe marijuana,they know what it can help with.

  • Hero. Legend.

  • I want to show this video to DH pm of our country

  • How can you deny a child anything that helps.

  • Ok

  • Definitely medical benefits of cannabis both in CBD and THC

  • Her father is literally risking his own life and his career for his daughter.

  • I feel like the law would that makes marijuana illegal to obtain and use would against the right to privacy and should be unconstitutional

  • He said somebody has to take the risk, that's pure sacrifice for humanity, thank you sir.

  • Forbidan care with these drugs

  • That daughter is a caveman

  • What an amazing parents

  • Move to California

  • I want my autistic daughter to benefit from medical cannabis too.🙏

  • 🖤🖤🖤👊

  • Alcohol and cigs remain legal… yet provide no such benefit

  • Definitely should be very legal

  • I’m a risk taker trust me it works😂🌿🌱🪴🌳

  • We wish you healthy and happy days , will be better

  • All of my hope.


  • wow all the old people don't say nothing about this juss the bad shiiii

  • This is why fathers and mothers shouldn’t do drugs hardcore

  • His plug feel like a hero

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