Recreational marijuana initiative gains support from Florida's largest medical marijuana operator

Recreational marijuana initiative gains support from Florida's largest medical marijuana operator

A new initiative to make recreational marijuana legal in Florida in 2024 is being backed by Trulieve, Florida’s largest medical …


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  • AND you can bet that all the people in prison for weed in florida right now will never get pardoned even if this does pass lol

  • Yea I want it but company’s like this are going to tax more then they are then let’s say liberty heath or Insa that have great flower and always good sales . I always will support the little businesses vs a corp

  • Lol I think it will pass in Florida cuz you know what I don't hear our children are children shut the hell up

  • Come to Oklahoma in about a year or so and pour all those billions of dollars into making it recreational legalized here

  • The states providers need to leave for the deficient medical service) n maybe recreational is y)

  • It’s a franchise because they have the right to refuse u medical service🤔😼😲😳🥶 they’re private property) they didn’t refuse me but got off on making me walk back n forth because of the quality of handaling) fk dem guys

  • I want Recreational but I don’t want Trulieve in charge adding their own twist like they’re doing now 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • The big wooiid store

  • Trulieve every county need a farm

  • Yeahhh lets do this asap

  • Come on people let's get it legal

  • Let’s see how this transpires 😮

  • Im from Colorado now in Florida and Trulieve FL has some of the best flower I’ve ever seen. They are however very pricey.

  • Also I love the folks at Trulieve!

  • what i dont get is why dont new states just follow what california, colorado. michigan are doing. its clearly working.

  • Weed is only illegal because people using weed take $$$$$ away from Big Pharma & the Alphabet groups make millions helping to smuggle it in, just like they did when cocaine & crack spiked…..People can grow & smoke their own weed, but can't make Oxycodone for example – so its also a form of control dictating how people heal – medicate themselves. COULD YOU IMAGINE telling Thomas Jefferson & Ben Franklin that weed is illegal !!!!!!

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