• it is all about the money

  • I liked eveyones comment not that anyone cares.

  • "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
    -Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution

    Shutting down medical dispensaries is not delegated to the federal government. This is unconstitutional.

  • Lil kids are already smokin🔥💨💨😋

  • so my doctor can give me prescription for coccaine? but if i get one for cannabis, I'm an enemy of the country? hmm, interesting.. time to move

  • Federal agents cannot interfere if the county sheriff demands that they leave. Hopefully SLO did something about this freedom-hating sheriff.

  • fuck da dea

  • FUCK YOU DEA! Hes a god damn human being not a fucking dog!

  • u dude u got a bomb dealer your the man (sarcasm) no 1 fucking cares

  • Holy crap that Sheriff is a DICK!

  • National Smoke A Bong Day!!

  • How tragic. I feel for this kid

  • I really agree with this video. Politicians are usually old men, with no clue. Marijuana has never directly resulted in death. Cocaine and heroine ect should of course stay illegal. As long as medical marijuana is prescribed correctly, I see no reason why it cannot be used in controlled environments. If I were a doctor, I would have no problem giving it to a patient who I felt needed it, so they wouldn't be in pain.

  • This is a very good piece. I really hope all charges get dropped in this case.

    Now that Obama has said there will be no more raids like this and no more use of federal tax dollars to override state laws I wonder what becomes of cases like this.

  • industrial hemp is the most useful crop that could lift our economy higher than marijuana's thc could. lol… this is obviously not about thc or marijuana but. HEMP… and how we slave for lesser more costly products that are NOT eco friendly like HEMP products are

  • How come the DEA never busts into those rich billionaires home that litterally STEAL elderly peoples retirement money forcing them to work until they die.
    They should show force against scum like that not showing how forceful they can be towards a man who shows sympathy to a kid struggling with cancer.
    YES TO BILL AB-390!!!!! Legalize It!

  • thanks drew for posting this amazing video. i'm a 17 year old, definitely a minor, who has been treated with 25 physical therapy sessions from my attending physician, who laughs at my face when i say i would like to try med marijuan as an option. my mother(dont live with dad) also laughs in my face saying she'd never let me, because i'd "sit and home and smoke pot all day" fucking OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE


  • thanks DEA i feel safer you are locking him up and letting all the rapists, serial killers, sex offenders, child molesters, and terrorists run free. Man i am going to sleep better tonight knowing that this young boy can't get marijuana for his pain and his disease…..I am so mad right now i almost punched my computer

  • FUCK YOU DEA!!!!

  • I live in the county this video is about. I know charles lynch and I know Patrick Hedges teh sheriff. Patrick Hedges is part of a group called the "Iron Posse' its a group of corrupt DA's, judges on bribes, sherrifs, CHP and cop. They are a rival biker gang to the "Molluchs" of Atascadero. The iron posse is a powerful band of corrupt law enforcement who sells crystal meth, accept bribes and get away with murder. Patrick Hedges is the head. Look up "Jay vestol" they murdered him 2 years ago

  • It's like we're living in the freakin' Twilight Zone or something, THIS IS AMERICA for crying out loud! Plants should not be illegal!

  • Hey Drew!! Great piece!! You Rock Bro!!!

  • this is sad

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