'Race to the Bottom' West Coast Legal Pot Is Struggling

'Race to the Bottom' West Coast Legal Pot Is Struggling

Even before the legalization of cannabis, California, Oregon and Washington state dominated the production of high-quality …


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  • Too many extra Fees/Taxes….

  • The Cartels are still making plenty the profits also.

  • Silly, silly government 😂

  • Around 2015 the dispensaries here in Redding, CA were very busy with customers. The past two years Ive noticed I would be one of just a couple of people at the dispensary and the cost have stablized and even lowered some. High Times has bought out some dispensaries, and raised prices which has backfired and they have little business all day.

  • Here in Denver you can get a 8th for 10$ after tax 😊

  • It's a plant that just about anyone can grow. Why would people think it's a special crop? Once actually decriminalized the growers will fold. They need the government to continue their overreach. And politicians aren't in any hurry to completely give up any power.

  • The easy solution is to encourage everyday people to organically grow their own (and some to share) at home. Artificially increasing the “value” of MJ is eating away at this market. If people put a modicum of effort and attention to growing their own, they would be amazed and elated with the results. It’s not that difficult to learn. Why pay an over inflated price for something that nature does for free??? Get some non-feminized seeds and learn to do this for yourself. It’s well worth it!!!

  • ill always go see my guy down the road.

  • It’s called the free market and it’s doing what it’s supposed to do.

  • Lots of eye candy on this video ! 👁️👄👁️

  • No mention of the illegal grow farms, which can operate at lower costs because they don’t follow the laws and regulations, and hide behind the legal grow farms.

  • Typical progressive failures. LOL. Oregon gave licenses to everyone and the price dropped. Guilty progressives. Guilt motivation is usually destructive. Painful proof.

  • No way. You mean hiring family and friends instead of people with work experience to run your grow and it went under. Crazy.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 it is Kommiefornia

  • We don't need no stinking license

  • Sounds like they made more than they could sell. So quit making it and sell some til it levels out.

  • Carts from my dude, $20 per. Carts from the shop, $40 per. 2+2 mates. The market is taxed to literal death and shop owners are the greedy kid trying to sell you a pinched nickle for your lunch money.

  • There over priced. I get mine for half the price these bums are changing. 😆

  • Like Nancy Reagan said “Just Say No”. BTW, these timeshare exit promos are bigger scams than actually purchasing a time share.

  • One state could create a separate medical cannabis market, subsidized by taxes on recreational cannabis. The goal would be to create the world’s medical standard for cannabis production. That market is already available nationwide.

  • Fantastic Coverage. Thank you.

  • the little guy is done the big money wins again . big surprise.

  • Ship to me I buy some from ohio

  • Stoners running a business hahahahahahaahaha

  • I will gladly take all of the extra cannabis

  • Ya mean legalizing allowed a bunch of people to pile in to cash in on a high profit margins? Shocked for anyone not taking an Economics 101 class…or was high in class. Welcome to our market system. Smart people will improve all aspects of business to squeeze out a profit.

  • It's a plant.

  • 0:51 Problem??

  • 😂😂😂 I live in Southern California and almost everyone I know enjoys 420….. NONE of us get it from a “shop” 😂😂 lol no one wants to spends a $100 on an 8th, that’s highway robbery…. We have a plug, $100 for an ounce of FIRE 🔥 😏

  • NY state is about to learn the hard way. They waited years after legalizing to set up a dispensary. What cost $220 last year now costs $100 through traditional purchasing. We have Indian reservations also that have been selling everything under the sun cannabis related and it's amazing and without being taxed. Being able to grow your own has saturated the market driving prices down. $20 eights YES SIR.

  • You don’t get to legalize it and keep your prohibition prices. Doesn’t work that way. Everyone got high off green pastures and forgot to think.

  • Why would Washington do something productive that goes against everything the politicians stand for. Washington is a waste of time and money. Fire them all

  • An industry that once flourished on it's own is now failing because it's over regulated, over taxed and there's no market to hedge it. Big shocker. This is also why most other industries/businesses have a hard time. I saw this coming a mile away here in Illinois.

  • Barely a mention of the oppressive taxes taken by states.

  • Grow your own

  • It literally grows for free.

  • You really thought the government was on your side by legalizing it!? Smh their the most wicked cartel.

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