• Our first president grew fields of pot, they didn't try and regulate him. As free adult American citizens they shouldn't be trying to regulate us either period.

  • But they can proscribe opioids. Only in America you can’t get prescription cannabis but you can get prescription heroin.

  • Reach out if interested in solving alot of your problems

  • This need more attention

  • We need to push this now more then everrr

  • Every patient should be allowed to grow cannabis medically, following some rules and regulations,

  • lighthouse to lighthouse

  • Im with him

  • They are being so extra with weed like what about the shit that kills you that is okay to insume

  • Start making them feel it through who you vote for and let them know that’s why your making the decisions you are .

  • When I move to Georgia I am growing cannabis indoors. I already have the high end equipment sh……. Why not lol?.

  • Absolutely! Let the people decide!
    Let’s get with the rest of the country!!!

  • To make marijuana against the law is like saying God made a mistake.

  • Garuntee the Georgians they gave licenses to are Millionaires and Politicians making money off it? Who determines who should be allowed to grow and use cannabis??? Doctors or rich white men. The main goal is to make sure that you can’t grow your own or make money off of it. They don’t want you to be able to grow your own or profit off of it for you in the state has to figure out how to make all the money being because they were already making money through the prison system bigger than legalizing it is going to take away that revenue so they have to figure out how to turn that illegal revenue into legal revenue.. We need an entire government revolution from federal to state. All of these politicians need to be kicked out onto the street

  • Legalize this plant, this is not a drug it is a flower a botanical. How can you make something that grows naturally illegal. Very sad we see your prejudices have now spilled over to your own people. In you still trying to hurt us you end up hurting yourself in the long run. God forbid one of your family members need this medicine.

  • they shou;d make recreational n medical marijuana legal in georgia n everywhere else. i myself smoke marijuana for pain i cant live without medical marijuana, or recesational marijuana. even if i have to buy illegal to get medical mariijuana

  • They missing a lot of money

  • Hello from Maine! 🇺🇸
    Home of 25% THC! + we have DABS! Etc.
    While you get your cannabis from street dealers, be sure you get some Coke a Cocaine! Because you all help dealers when its illegal 😱 You know, as pot is legalized..it goes down in price! 🇺🇸
    4.75 $ for a gram of 17 to 20 % THC. [No Paraquat] 😁✌
    Now I have to roll a joint of Acapulco Gold! No 💩
    Puff puff pass 🍓🍄😉

  • And Republicans call themselves pro-life? Smh 🤦

  • Keep PUSHING Georgia!!!!

  • It would be anti-'American' if things were ever "efficient". Seven years of legal medical marijuana, but no outlets in Georgia to make a purchase, lol!, how very 'American'.

  • The old people running this state need to sit down. To say no one wants it is not true let the people be heard

  • Just legalize it..

  • Weedborn's CBD products are amazing!

  • If you wanna grow marijuana yourself, if wanna go to the trouble? go ahead and grow it. Have you ever had anybody knock on your door and poke around your home or that would be able to tell if you were doing something illegal?
    How is legalizing it going to help you grow it at home? unless you're just out bragging to everybody that you're growing it? and even then, whether it is illegal or not, you're still gonna have people wanting to come steal your plants as they mature. An expensive part of the license requirement for people to be able grow is proving security from inappropriate unapproved access..
    But again, ”permission" to grow?
    Just grow it if something simple like that resolves your problems.
    Why is that going to medically make anyone's life any better unless all you want is to get high.

  • Citizens voting on medical marijuana rather than leaving it strictly to doctors & scientist is like voting on allowing insulin or voting on allowing blood thinners.
    Leave it to those who know because they've sought education on the subject, not the fearful uneducated average voter.
    Dixie voters are much much much too ignorant, to lazy, to selfish to ever go read up on a subject before they vote on it. On top of that it's not just Dixie because nobody should be voting on medication, medication should we left strictly to doctors.

  • I’m with him

  • 2:44 MUCH RESPECT * 😎✊👊

  • Yeeehawww yuk yuk…
    How G imps O f (fentanyl) P vtin..
    Literally murders galore over shady pro Russian guy curaleaf FL , gop, lame vapes.. no home grow even tho votes are plenty🌿👁️✍️❔🧐🎨🍓👍

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