Push for medical cannabis oil facility

Push for medical cannabis oil facility

A medical cannabis oil facility might be built in Hampton.


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  • The problem is the government always has to have their say in everything! The government is no longer by the people for the people! Most people know that, and while cannibis oil has great medicinal potential, Ye olde government elite will find some way to exploit it and if they can't they will demonized the use of cannibis oil and deprive we the people of this medicine just like the opiates!

  • This will happen nationwide as soon as the government elites find a way to greatly profit from it!
    Now they are concentrating on de- population by denying pain mgt. patients their pain meds they have been taking safely for years, and now being forced to taper off from their meds at an unsafe rate, these patients go to the streets for meds they were previously taking legally and safely! Now the big profit is in buphrenorphine and suboxen which are drugs for addicts! But the "new" addict is the former pain med patient, which now must pay out lots of money to these clinics offering these half opioids substitutes, and paying more money for these addiction drugs! All the while no longer are they able to be functional as when they were on their safely taken pain meds, now they pay out big bucks just not to experience bad withdrawal symptoms! In the past especially seniors were able to safely utilize these medications until the good LORD took them. Now the pharmaceutical companies are set to make enormous profits on these "new" so called addicts, who were formerly under doctors supervision safely taking opiate pain meds which improved so greatly function, quality of life! These patients now have diminished quality of life and function! That is what government does. Certain people illegally abuse these pain meds so they across the board take them away from everyone, even those who really need them! We will see increase of suicides, drug overdoses of those who formerly were just pain management patients safely taking their meds under doctor supervision! What a tragedy! But it will accomplish the governmental depopulation aspect in all of this in which they will be well pleased!

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