Prof. Raphael Mechoulam – Medical Cannabis – Complete Interview with Live Doctors

Prof. Raphael Mechoulam – Medical Cannabis – Complete Interview with Live Doctors

Prof. Raphael Mechoulam – Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Interview with Live …


Live Doctors


  • Mr. Mechoulam is a hero Thanks doc!

  • Dr Raphie! My hero!

  • Let's all hope that more doctors are willing to learn/share knowledge about medical cannabis.

  • Good jew right there.

  • According to the holy bible all plants are for man to use for food and medicine. The government law makers are the real criminals by trespassing against people locking them in prisons and destroying their family’s. God is good and everything he made is good. Aloha

  • The chemical structure of Anandamide is completely DIFFERENT from THC

  • his biggest mistake was the invention of SYNTHETIC cannabinoids – such as HU-210 = "Spice"

  • The explanation is big pharma make billions out of murdering cancer patients they are a 5 year cash cow the length of time they string cancer patients along with poision and radiation bastards hell is waiting for you so enjoy your blood money now

  • Tremendous interview with a very poignant comment around asthma. Not enough physicians are talking about cannabis and asthma. It still isn't recognised as a treatment for asthma anywhere in the world as far as I know.

  • He forgot to mention that Zakariya al-Razi, a Persian scientist, isolated alcohol, active ingridiant, from Red Wine! Just wanted to let you guys know! 😉

  • Admirable work.

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  • Thanks for video keep going 🤠 greeting from Morocco*@&

  • Ananda is Zen…

  • Shalom

  • Politicians are just puppets of the BIG FARMA,
    this is the reason why
    none of them takes any initiative to promote medical trials on this natural and miraculous product CBD oil that would help millions & millions of sufferers!
    In other words politicians are afraid to compromise their collusion with their PAPPETIERS…… ❗

  • The Legend!!!

  • God bless this man and God bless Israel! Who would have known!!

  • I have wegners scleritis of the left eye mild rheumatoid arthritis…How much CBD oil to start off with for beginners? And is medterra CBD oil good or green leaf? I don't want anything to strong

  • Shalom🇮🇱

  • 👏👏👏🇧🇷

  • The Name Raphael in Hebrew means " Medicine of God "

  • So you got your start by working with the police to get medicane taken from some poor person whom needed it themselves and now grants you want too. Many generations gave fought this fight your friends kept secret so long, get out the way for the real Grassroots communities that have fought for this. I think the way you got your start was wrong, sure I'm not alone.

  • Thank you! GOD bless you Prof. Raphael Mechoulam and all of Israel!

  • Dr. Mechoulam is a good guy, but not completely forthright. He knows very well why cannabis hasn't been given clinical trials with humans. Although cannabis has been praised worldwide for 10,000 years as the closest thing to a panacea, the official B.S. continues to be that its effects are dangerous or unproven. Their reason for this is obvious. The rulers already know it works fantastically, and want to keep this knowledge from as many of the seven billion people inhabiting this spinning orb as possible..

    Making cannabis as freely available as coffee would cut hundreds of billions, if not trillions from the profits of global Big Pharma, Big Med, and more. They're especially afraid of this plant's ability to kill cancer. My God, the Cancer Industry is one of the biggest moneymakers in human history, and the toxins we spew into the air, leak into the water, and add to food, have tripled cancer rates in the last 50 years, not reduced them. Corporate swine will never give away all that loot just to save a few hundred million lives and improve the quality of life for billions with other diseases.

    The people of this planet must force governments to make cannabis legal and do enough research so that the effectiveness of certain strains and varieties of cannabis indica or sativa are as well documented as which antibiotic is best for which disease.

  • This man is already a legend, but in the future he’ll be a myth. I grant you that. Isolating THC, CBD and discovering the endocannabinoid system and its receptors will forever change, obviously the way of medicine learning. I’d love to hug this man.

  • Thank you for this awesome interview Dr Raphael. After learning about "The Endocannabinoid System" I then realized that most people don't know that humans have 2 critical systems that its main function is to be signalling continuously in helping your bodies heal. But when these 2 systems are damaged then sickness and diseases will manifest including heart attacks and strokes. One is the "Endocannabinoid System" This system has been recently recognized as a very important modulator system in the function of brain, endocrine, and immune tissues. Working very close with your nervous system to play a very important regulatory role in the secretion of hormones related to reproductive functions and response to stress and chronic pain too..

    The other is the "Vagus Nerve System that is a master signaling system to all 5 major organs communicating to them to eliminate metabolic waste and Inflammation. The one food that will help restore these 2 systems is a "Full Spectrum CBD Oil" coming from a chemical free organic farm that uses a C02 low heat extraction method.

    So I am very happy to have found this Full Spectrum CBD Oil that comes from an organic farm and made with no fillers extracted from the complete plant.

    Bottom line is to have science validation for what I am sharing with you. I am a Vietnam Vet and Agent Orange was debilitating my mind and body until I found this pure oil that has helped to restore my health completely.

    Should you want to learn how to get product free for life then click here
    Be blessed

  • Thank you.

  • Look to Jamaica for answers. I used high thc oil while pregnant suffering from HG severe morning sickness. CBD does not treat severe nausea. My children are VERY healthy and very strong. The biggest in the city.

  • Thank God for Dr. Mechoulam….. If only the rest of the world was looking at cannabis with such an open mind. Way too many years of lies from official sources about this plant for most researchers to not be biased.

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