Pheno Hunt #3 (Flower)

Pheno Hunt #3 (Flower)

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Titan SQ1


  • Hoooo yea! going to pop violet lakes, iced up cherries, wilderberry fusion tomorrow!

  • iced up cherries looked nuts!

  • I’m so amazed from your work big homie!! You make it so hard to decide on what beans to pop next lol 😆 Appreciate the creativity!!

  • Cheers 💚🌲

  • the strains you produce are always so pretty

  • Which one has the highest return on the press ? Keep up the good work 🧙‍♂️🔥💨💚

  • All breeders should do this! Great rundown of these strains

  • A buddy of mine just recommended Photosynthesis Plus but I hadn't heard of it. Do you personally use it throughout the entire grow? Thanks for sharing Titan!

  • Thanks for the 🔥

  • All plants looking dank like always.. Have a awesome GRC x BBC mom tht got out of one your packs she a keeper forever but been trying to find a BBC alone not crossed can’t find any packs anywhere been looking for a while now would love to cross with one of my black piff plants..if you have time and any info on how to get a pack or 2 of them BBC or where they could be found would appreciate the info!!

  • Do any of these crosses have a name yet interested in the black mac × wildberry cake

  • Yes sir, that pheno hunt got knocked out the park and the city! Awesome job! Beautiful plants!

  • Hey Titan, incredible catalogue of cultivars to choose from. Do robin hood/square1 deliver to us growers in the UK yet? Been eyeing up your genetics for years.

  • This is why I buy your products pure beauty and never a problem growing

  • Whats up with the CD on your sensor? Much love titan

    – The FRIDAY Reserve

  • Will you release more Limonada Rosa?

  • Glad to see you back. Can’t wait to try out what you got cooking this time

  • I picked up some of the violet lakes last drop and I'm even more pumped for them now 🤣 sad I missed the iced up cherries

  • My Violet Lakes Smells GASSY AF!!


  • Just harvested Diamond Handz and Violet Lakes. The terps are fantastic. Thanks Titan!!!👊✌

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