Pedestrian Question – Do You Have a Medical Marijuana Card?

Pedestrian Question – Do You Have a Medical Marijuana Card?

California was the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use, but we aren’t so strict when it comes to why doctors can prescribe it. So Jimmy thought this …


Jimmy Kimmel Live


  • yoo demetrius rep Savannah 912

  • no way bro got jk lol and poptarts on his chest

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  • That Superman dude's suit looks like it smoked a fatty

  • Love the Superman guy!

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  • 3:23 🤣🤪😊

  • Nice movie. However, it is worth reaching for oils from Weedborn.

  • It’s ok he’s got the weed card

  • I was approved today so yeah I'm getting one on the way.

  • Worst decision ever until they develop a way to have breathalyzers for marijuana smokers I'm not against people sitting at home in their own private house smoking marijuana or whatever they want to do but when they get out on the road or they affect other people that's where it's dangerous and they're moving all of this marijuana initiatives ahead without looking at how to prevent people from driving while they're high

  • It’s California and he’s from there…of course he does…

    People in California are so authentic…when I was there that’s one thing I learned to respect about them…if they don’t like you they don’t fake it…Arkansas is a totally different story..many people in Cali were like Arkansas?? Huh?😂

  • Superman for the win!

  • "I have uhh crack-errss"

  • Superman is the only one who is not flying high! The irony!

  • That Superman is cool.

  • superman guy sounds like joaquin phoenix

  • I recommend +17192859179 for marijuana cards. I got one from him and its recorded

  • Superman: “Just say NO”

  • It's okay nigga, I got that weed card

  • I have a medical marijuana card. And it allowed me to throw a dozen prescription drugs in the trash. I hope I never have to take another Big Pharma drug ever again. PTOOEY!! I spit out the pills and never looked back. And I feel fantastic at 60 years old.

  • this i think is all staged

  • Damn bro he got that W E E D C A R D

  • I got arest me for 0.1 card Welcome to Bulgaria

  • Does Josh from Utah remind anyone else of Kenneth from 30 rock? Not considering the tattoos and weed smoking, of course :p

  • WHAT DOCTORS are handling out these medical marijuana cards??? They MUST BE on CRACK!

  • SO BORED!!! Virtual smoke session on FB anyone? 🙂

  • So the guy dressed like Superman wasn’t stoned?

  • Big pharma wants u on their opioids so after addicted u buy their cure

  • Jimmy do you have a marijuana card😃😃😃😃😃

  • Bless superman

  • The ad for this skipped from 4 to 2 seconds on the skip ad button lmao

  • The last dude is so innocent.. I just hope he’s good and taken care of.

  • Joy had the best condition! 😂 children…

  • If we had more people like Justin in the world, maybe it would be a little nicer. He really is a Super Man.

  • I love the Superman guy I want him to be my friend

  • Hahaha “children, jobs, life “

  • Makes most medical MJ users look like idiots..Only in Commiefornia.

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