• Everything has a risk. Even antibiotic has risk. If you will go for all the risk of marijuana just so you don’t legalize it, then you will find a lot. But look at it on the side of the cancer patients… they can’t use it coz they can’t buy it legally. It’s funny that Philippines has good doctors but sounds very illiterate when it comes to allowing marijuana to be legalized, or is it the poor senseless politicians who knows nothing but object to anything, to be popular. You guys are loosing not just a good medical resource, but the income that marijuana can bring to your country.

  • About time! Let's use the wonderful beautiful plant!

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  • gayahin nalang natin ang Thailand

  • 🙏

  • Legelize canabis for medical purposes .

  • Help please… this is a shout asking for help.
    People here in Philippines are killing me.
    #HELP #SOS

  • Keeping marijuana illegal are profits for the corrupt government officials.

  • Pwede naman Po maging legal dito satin Ang marijuana don sa mga taong may alam para sa medical marijuana daddy konga isang Canadian don sa Kanila malaking tolong sakanilang bansa Ang marijuana

  • I think and it is my opinion that it is appropriate to legalize the use of marijuana as a medicine for serious diseases such as epilepsy or any brain dysfunction or disorders, remove also some serious severe pains and also serve as an anti depressant to remove a certain persons anxiety or depression. moreover, it has been used for a long time and has been tested in other countries as a medicine, there is nothing wrong with trying it, the government just needs to control its proper use so as not to abuse it, impose sufficient punishment or laws that will comply with it for those who abuse it. there's nothing wrong with trying.

  • Can marijuana be use for anti anxiety and depression

  • Double thumbs up for legalizing cannabis medical marijuana

  • WALA pong Violent Crime and Deaths Related sa Marijuana. Kahit sa News at Police Data locally at Internationally.

    Mas Dangerous pa ang ALCOHOL almost everyday sa News ang Violent Crime and Deaths related to Alchohol. Hindi pa kasali ang Drunk Driving resulting to homicide.

    If you compared it to Alcohol mas nakakatakot ang Alcohol kasi ang tao capable pumatay. Ang marijuana sedated ka wala kang capability pumatay andun parin ang right conscious hindi na nawawala, tao ka parin. Pero sa Alcohol nagigin malahayop ang tao and that's a FACT almost everyday sa News Lasing pumatay nka patay at nka sagasa. Nang gahasa ng bata o anak.

  • I loved my recent visit to the Philippines but No Marijuana is a big problem no!

  • Ang laki ng revenue ng thailand nung nilegal nila ang cannabis at nakatulong eto sa kanilang economy.

  • It's already legal in Thailand.

  • When legal?

  • Yess yess👍

  • CBD

  • pweding elegal guys wag lang ma abuso para maka iwas sa overdose nyan kasi ako na overdose ako hirap ako

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