• Not sure if you can help or provide any information. I sadly lost my PA cannabis ID card, I went on the PA health department site & paid the $25 for replacement card. Do you have any idea how long it could take to get my card replaced as I’m out of my medicine.

  • how long is the approval process supposed to take??? its been 3 days since my appointment and i dont see anything under the patient certifications tab. i mean the dude didnt say he wasnt going to give it me, he told me that its a smart choice that im doing this so why wouldnt he certify me????

  • This is the dumbest thing ever I entered everything correctly on my license card and I still can’t get through to get registered. Why is it so difficult I need help..

  • How can I update my ID number. It expired wanna add my passport number

  • lower the price for products

  • If you own a gun you have to give it up to legally a possess a card.

  • they trying to charge a arm and leg for that , when the SSA approved my disability .makes no
    sense but what can i do.

  • As you can see here…this video is so blurry its not at all helpful.. Idiots

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