• Weed isnt wrong weed was put there from God …to help those who need it most ..

  • i recommend microdosing mushrooms, it has really helped me on anxiety, depression and ptsd🔝☝️look up that handle, he got shrooms varieties, lsd, dmt, molly, ketamine, cannabis, coke and ships swiftly,a mycologist that guided me…

  • Legalize it. Period.

  • it does wonders for parkinson's and sezures.

  • My mother has parkinson's and some times has trouble sleeping it's hard to watch it happen… The doctors do nothing and she has to resort to hard medication to put her to sleep and I just hate that she has to use such medication, I've tried to help her with medical marijuana but the stigma of using such things makes her refuse the help. I know I shouldn't force her to do something she doesn't want to use but the tremmers and sleepless nights and her pain just hurt me so much… She grew up in Mexico and her point of view of marijiana is a sin to her. I just wish she could give it a try just to ease her pain…

  • "Illegal" and "wrong" are sometimes two very different things.

  • God bless this poor man's soul qwq
    I will fight for you, my sick elder <3

  • best natural drug

  • If anyone touches this man or send him into jail for smoking cannabis in a illegal state I'll come up there and shove my foot up there asses you can see he's in fckn pain and needs help for his problem & don't need the fckn pills to do it. but from the real medicine CANNABIS

  • I think I will be continuing my CBD treatment. I was just given CBD products from Weedborn and I feel so much better these days : D

  • Hello everyone i want to share my testimony out here on how Dr Ehimare on YouTube cure my husband from Parkinson's disease with natural herbs medicine product and my God will continue to bless you more. Contact Dr Ehimare on YouTube for any kind of disease or virus or whatsap number (+2349027349748)….

  • Good on him. Fuck big pharma and corrupt governments all over the world.

  • Gostaria que os governantes olhassem pra essa epidemia que está cada vez mais atacando o povo jovens e inutilizando,,jovens aposentados que gostaria de trabalhar.

  • Hey my hometown va place legalize lets go whos with me

  • The law! Making nature illegal 🚫

  • It really pained me to see Michael J fox, one of my favorite actors, with Parkinson's. But now when I see this I just hope he uses this and live better.

  • Hi, I'm Joshua . I am researching an article on whether CBD shows signs of improvement on people with Parkinson's disease. Could you'll help me with your personal experience.?

    Kind Regards,
    -Joshua( CBD Store India )

  • Just buy it across the streets and roll it or edibles, if I was in your states, I’d send em to you, cheers

  • My dad had Parkinson's. He's already deceased. But if I knew this when he was alive, I would have surely encouraged him to try it – legal or illegal !

  • Legalize marijuana Malaysia!!!!!!! smokes bricked weed

  • Alternate day fasting, the calorie restriction, the regular exercise, the calm mind prevents this condition! This grog is a poison insecticide, the plant use to protect the seeds. Shit life means shit end…..

  • Cannabis might be illegal but it's not wrong. All medicine can be misused. Cannabis usage is probably the least of our worries in the US and the west.

  • 2020 Illinois finally legalized marijuana. Now let's legalize on a federal level

  • "He's just taking it in" he's high as hell lol

  • Even if the state doesn’t legalize Medical Marijuana, i bet we can all agree he deserves a pass

  • God put this plant on this planet for a reason, free the plant….people need it.

  • It really hurts me to see people like this, It’s already past the time for it to be legal, just do it already. Of course there needs to be laws and regulations.

  • Thank you for your story..We're just beginning to educate the misconception of an old cannabis remedy with new findings and hope.

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