Parkinson's Patient Finds Better Quality of Life with Medical Cannabis

Parkinson's Patient Finds Better Quality of Life with Medical Cannabis

David has been a medical marijuana patient ever since his primary physician recommended he try it, and has experienced a …


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  • Awesome

  • What an amazing guy!

  • Wow, that's amazing. I was just diagnosed with Parkinson's earlier this year, but I am not on any medication. I have used marijuana also and found that some strains help with the tremor and depression. I agree that I find I have a hard time feeling "good" about using weed around my grandkids though.

  • Wow I have a friend with Parkinson's

  • Glad your doing good.

  • There's no shame in using a plant to feel better. There shouldn't be any shame from using marijuana products as a treatment, sadly we have been educated in such a way that for most people drug is bad, and include marijuana, heroine, cocaine,etc. But pills are ok, even if they are as strong as heroine.

  • I can relate totally. The meds they had me on tore me up as for as throwing up, not minutes later, I mean seconds after. i tried to stretch them out , one or two at a time. By the time I was done I was done to a drunk with dry heaves. Every morning, noon, night. for two and a half years. The whole time on them I felt worse than when I went into see them. I one day said I wasn't going to take them no more. I picked up some MJ locally since I live in Fort Bragg, Mendocino County, Ca. I never went back to the meds, that was right around the time that you had decided to stop. I have had Parkinson's for over eighteen years of my life now. I am still getting around, I am not as forgetful of the moments in a day. I know I have a better way of life than what I had. I enjoy walks of a mile and half or so, and do a lot of care for myself, which my wife is most thankful. Not saying MJ works for everyone, I just know it's an option I tried it and I am grateful for it. Nice to hear your story even if it is 2018 now. Thanks for sharing, I found someone who been and is and knows, speak upon the same.

  • The pharmaceutical industry is killing humanity. Lets go back to the old days with remedies and all natural, Gods creation…Nature. I have fibro and RA and decided to stop meds. I deal with it and also i have been taking more natural stuff.

  • Listen to him. It is the THC that helps him feel better and smile. It gives a feeling of self content and what's wrong with him getting a slight high if it makes him feel good?

  • The crime is marijuana has been illegal and millions put in jail and t beir lives ruined by a corrupt system. If you ask Jeff Sessions if he believes in Liberty and Freedom he would tell you he does. But it's his definition of Liberty and Freedom and it's the opposite of Liberty and Freedom. God bless the marijuana movement.

  • i have a problem with long term drug use of drugs that cause involuntary movements that need long term use of weed to cure side effects from long term use of pills with side effects……

  • My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's 7 years ago.  We are so tired of all the side effects from all the meds.  We are so ready to look into this and I'm so glad that NY is one of the State's that approves it.


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  • Absolutely beautiful plant. Glad you found my medication. Your welcome

  • May Allah help every person with any disease , my mom up to date safer from this parkinson for over 10 years

  • tell me please what kind of marijuana is suitable for patients with Parkinson's disease?

  • Great to hear your story David. I use marijuana and cbd to help with insomnia , anxiety and depression and it's been very helpful in that regard.
    The federal government needs to get its act together to legalize and decriminalize marijuana now !

  • amen, please watch

  • wow, he can grow his medicine in his backyard

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