Paiute tribe explores getting into the medical cannabis business

Paiute tribe explores getting into the medical cannabis business

In a closed-door meeting last week with Governor Spencer Cox and members of his cabinet, the tribe told him they were …


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  • Utah just needs to fucking legalize it like Colorado did fuck what the LDS/Mormon church says ever since I started doing weed my seizures/epilepsy got better than ever I go 3 to 4 months without a seizure and that used to not happen with all the other meds I am on and it also helps with my Arthritis pain

  • I vote Yes and it would help me with the arthritis in my back.

  • Utah = corona mormoon druggies

  • I vote yes, there are so many benefits of canabis.

  • Medical and recreational marijuana will keep the price up so we never build anything out of it or use it for fuel. Construction waste could have been medicine.

  • Utah needs to legalize it

  • Cox was hesitant because he knows his Mormon church leader bosses will say “no”.

  • Industrial hemp is federally legal in most places, so many have already entered the market the wholesale prices have dropped from five thousand per kilo of 98% CBD to five hundred. It is not as lucrative for new entries into a saturated market competing with Mexican drug lords and a wide open border.

  • Take their land, and allow them to live in your vision. We have no say, leave them alone already.

  • Hell yea they should do it.

  • They should be able to sell legal weed. Their land their rule. Maybe have them grow hemp also

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