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  • Oregon was a great state until the Commiefornian’s started showing up.

  • She has some cajones for thinking she could stick around.

  • She's corrupt and cannot manage money. shorter version: she's a Democrat.

  • That statement in Fagan's defense at the end of this story was made by Ben Morris, Fagan's press secretary. His statements are bias and mean nothing. There is much more to this story, that local news stations are not reporting, that indicates the corruption surrounding this contracting deal Fagan made with the corrupt owners of La Mota. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Fagan is corrupt.

  • La Mota was paying Shemia $10,000/mo. She SHOULD BE FIRED ASAP!!!

  • Do your job. Open the primaries.


  • Just another crooked Democrat using taxpayer funds to enrich herself . She shouldn’t feel bad though . Billy boy Clinton is worth hundreds of $millions despite leaving office near broke . Check out Obama buying mansions ! This is how these people get ahead …
    It’s what they do . Where Elon Musk would build a car or a spacecraft to get rich …..Democrats just run for office .

  • You are not sorry as evidenced by categorizing your actions as "poor judgement". Vague and amoral. You got caught exploiting your position of power for personal gain, are trying to save face. I do not accept her apology as sincere. But I reckon she'll be voted in again, because woman and liberal.

  • Wow an actual case of Go Woke and not Go Broke. Oregon needs a transplant before it dies. Pathetic.

  • I'm sorry, why would you hire a consultant who's not a business person, nor from your industry. What experience other than her governmental role and influence are they paying for? No conflict of interest? Ha ha ha.

  • Liberal politicians, and those that vote for them, are all a bunch of cracked out Dopes

  • Stupid fncking politicians.

  • Shemia Fagan has managed to transform herself into a shadowy figure hiding herself away from the scrutiny of us citizens. Her side job looks like a thinly veiled payoff scheme. That she has a side job means she is not putting a professional's full-time effort into her responsibilities as Secretary of State. Her attempts to elude inquiring news reporters smacks of something to hide. 🤡

  • Why is it that every time our citizens and news turn around there’s another public official doing whatever they feel like?

  • The State will sell meth if they make $$$

  • Recall her

  • AOC’s counterpart

  • Wow. In the past this was clearly wrong and would immediately get you fired or forced to resign.

  • People like her make the US a laughing stock , clown of the rest of world

  • Blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord

  • Drug dealer

  • Kind of old to be a druggie

  • Criminal

  • Think about this democrat voters Lakeview Oregon has black and brown drinking water yet you elect leaders who help weed companies not pay there taxes

  • That's your Dumocrats for you is lie lie lie.

  • She seems conscientious to me.

  • Well that sounds reasonable, why don't we let the FDA employees open up their own pharmacies too? F**** stupid.

  • Guilty of high crimes. Doesn’t sound transparent to me, but apparently this is what many ppl of Oregon want, they voted for her. I feel sorry for those who didn’t. Stoners can be annoying.

  • Shamefull anti pot bullst*t

  • You need to pronounce Mota correctly. Mo-tah is correct. Mo-duh is incorrect. It’s Spanish slang for pot.

  • amusing – Oregon voters got what they voted for.

  • My little gg4 lolita 🎉🎉🎉

  • I heard she sucks a mean d##$k when shes high 😂😂😂

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