One Plant Multi Strain Review Florida Medical Marijuana Cannabis Dispensary

One Plant Multi Strain Review Florida Medical Marijuana Cannabis Dispensary

Happy 420! One Plant Multi Strain Review Florida Medical Marijuana Cannabis Dispensary In this Review I go from most …


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  • It's interesting how strains have changed over the year since this video was posted. I just picked up for 2021 black Friday a half ounce of 24% dolato, a quarter of 16% ice cream cake, quarter of 16% marshmallow og, quarter of 19% blueberry muffin, quarter of 21% palm dog, and a quarter of 23% Mac 1. They had these all in snaps and I love each of them a lot. I saved a hundred bucks because I bought over 400$ worth (so paid around 300 for 7 snaps and a tincture. That was the most different snaps I've ever seen at one time, so many options and I got them all.
    They still have fish whistle but I didn't try it yet, was going for the biggest bang for the buck. If you got a buncha shit for black Friday you should do another review, video I liked this video

  • I’ll say this if you have a plug 9/10 he’s smoking better then some of the dispensaries in your area

    I’m goin thru that now cause these dispensaries Waxin bad$$$

  • 34 grams

  • I know its hard bro but thank you for your honesty!

  • Do these prices justify the effects compared with other dispensary? Easiest way I can think to explain it is how street weed when it's good use to be like 2hits and u would feel like let's put that out n save it for later lol. The distillate&carts all of then that I tried lack this feeling of ur medicated put it out..(some even call it getting paranoid it's almost that long story short why they feel that way is the nueroadrenal dump that happens when we smoke n active the dopamine n thr heart racing from the coughing and when it begins to kick in can get over whelming at times. Is the only way I know to articulate that feeling. & carts are very sneaky I take a couple hits sometimes it works others it doesnt. So that's why I say carts cuz actual concentrate is a lot easier to gauge.)
    So what% are these comin it at? For nearly 70$ an 8th it better be the 30&40%! Lol so how's that quality compare with thr rest??
    And does it have that feeling again that feels like it's missing from the other places flower I tried it is just as subtle as their carts. So I been looking and the only ones that get me that way are the 40% super strains.
    So are these that? What % is it coming in at? And does it have that feeling I'm talking about?

  • Got a free g pre roll Mac. Killer. Hashy

  • One plant has some great pot

  • A pound – 1 joint

  • I just got some chem sis from them and lemme tell ya,, that bitch knocks my head off,, and I’m a heavy smoker…

  • 226 grams

  • my guess is 1075 grams! thanks for the video!

  • Best videos in Florida on bud.

  • They have one plant closest to me in st pete apparently no walk ins though….. So i have been scouting online pickup menus but there pretty wiped on everything. Im also unsure on products as we all know online is just the most updated version of menu not necessarily there stocks. Excited to to try some of there stuff soon if they get there stock up.

  • Great videos so much helpful info! I just recently got my medical card here in Florida, and these videos have really helped me!

  • awesome thank you

  • 336 grams

  • Love your vids man! One suggestion, say the strain at the beginning and the end of your detailed review. Love how detailed you are, just kept having to rewind to see what that one was. Hope this helps ya out💨🤤

  • 380

  • Bro your getting all these in florida spots?? Im about to sign up.Thanks for dope vidz.

  • 160 grams

  • 454.7 grams

  • 600 grams lol

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