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  • More and more ,it goes. Weed heals.The best plant. Get in touch @ +19093074629 for high quality marijuana

  • 6 months is not a delay. Arkansas have been delayed for three years. We have been over regulated as well. The politicians are leading the public around by the nose. And giving the same answer over and over. In six months in six months just six more months. Most Arkansans with medical cards have opted to chance it and buy from Oklahoma at this point. Ofcourse this put them in a position of getting charge with Federal charges of trafficing. And ofcourse the ney sayers that have been fighting us. Wanted us to have to result to criminal behavior so they can point at us saying, See that's what it does to people. Idiots!

  • Hope Texas follows the rest of the world and this reporter can get it

  • First I wanna say, as someone who dearly loves his alcohol beverages–this Dutch guy in the video link I give below "steps over the line" in his criticisms of alcohol. (Semi-joking). But in all seriousness, I've always thought the whole "gateway drug" agenda to be a load of crap. How many people have had baby food (mashed carrots anyone??) before they drank beer?? How about how many of you had a glass of milk before your first shot of bourbon?? Ok, so I guess this means milk is a "gateway" to bourbon?? What planet do these people who think weed is a "gateway drug" live on?? None of the statistics back this crap up. i.e. "Correlation does NOT mean causation". Now, again, speaking as someone who loves alcohol very much, as in I can't imagine my world without alcohol—it's fascinating to know that it has been shown that in places where marijuana is legal, consumption of alcohol drinks DROPS. Now do you think Budweiser, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and on and on and on list of corporations making BILLIONS off the sale of alcohol may have had many PRIVATE conversations with legislators about how marijuana is moving in on their consumer pissing grounds (i.e. target market)?? You are being very naive if you think companies that sell alcohol haven't anticipated this DECADES ago, and acted accordingly on how they pressure and/or bribe legislators about marijuana statutes in every jurisdiction in America.

  • I only just actually watched this video now. The lady being interviewed seems pretty sharp (or at least above average for an Oklahoman). I think Most people can grow a self-supply in their home or garage. What are the odds you'll be found out or even a cop will bust you EVEN if he sees it?? Most cops aren't going to bust you on that anymore unless they are LOOKING FOR AN EXCUSE. So if it's me—I go out to Colorado, pick up some high quality "plants" or "seedlings" and a brochure or a couple "how to" books. Folks, it's really not THAT hard. If you're not selling it–80%+ no one is going to F with you. I think legally you can grow 5 plants on your own as it is now.

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