• If it goes thru, enjoy while you can. It won't last. Mark my words.
    The gop won't allow something THEY consider immoral. From the 1960s they warned that it was a Soviet plot to get the US stoned so the communists could take over easily.

    More recently, in our more enlightened age, a con PAC group ran ads on Chicago television in the days following 9-11, blaming cannabis smokers for funding the attack. Ridiculous. Nothing mentioned about hundreds of billions in petroleum revenue entering the Mideast. The ads didn't last long.

    The gop hasn't changed much in 50 years.

  • awesome.

  • THCA flower is a legal loophole, the THCA turn into THC when you smoke it. Its good, I got some at a CBD store near me, it smokes like THC

  • I hope it goes through

  • 🎉

  • The handle☝️ is a good plug for all kinds of psycheds., MDMA and 🍄, mushie, chocolate bars, gummies CBD,coke,DMt,l.s'd and alot,…..

  • It's Cannabis – not marijuana.
    I'm in favor of it because I want affordable hemp fabric badly and cannabis being illegal drives up hemp costs. The regulations make it more expensive.

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