• i recommend microdosing mushrooms, it has really helped me on anxiety, depression and ptsd🔝☝️look up that handle, he got shrooms varieties, lsd, dmt, molly, ketamine, cannabis, coke and ships swiftly,a mycologist that guided me

  • I agree with the bill to an extent, the extent they brushed on for usage and work. I’m against this bill for private sector like power plants etc etc.

  • Is your brain like a of age of 2 months old baby that the child lungs tighten up or unable to breath ? Are you that child ? If you disagree then your not a real parent just a parent will be muders !

  • why just state employees , why not all working class people

  • I hope people don’t twist this story. I have a prescription and I get the oil and cream. I am always in pain and in fact had to go on disability at 40. I had worked extremely hard since I was 21 in my field and had a big title at my work. It was a blow to my soul when I had to leave. I don’t use it everyday even though it would help me but it is not cheap. I use it mostly at night to help me sleep because I don’t sleep well because of my pain. Without sleep my pain is worse the next day. It’s the cycle of my life. It is so much better to have this prescription then major drugs that are extremely bad for you when you take it for a long time. For people that will never get rid of chronic pain for the rest of their lives because doctors can’t fix your condition this has been a breakthrough.

  • poppy seeds cause false positives

  • Nfkg I'm just going to smk it anyway. With or without your permission. Why? if I don't I loose focus on task at hand cause my mind is like watching TV while flipping the channel.

  • You can’t be high at work, exactly!!!

  • They going slow enough!

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