New marijuana legislation would allow cannabis businesses access to banking services

New marijuana legislation would allow cannabis businesses access to banking services

A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation that would free up banking services for the cannabis industry. NBC News …


NBC News


  • thank you

  • They sound so ignorant calling cannabis a "drug". It's a seed bearing, God given herb. Making nature illegal speaks volumes of the type of people we're dealing with. Get over it and legalize, decriminalize everywhere.

  • Yeah, there still needs to be some research done.

  • I hope they all go out of business. The prices are ridiculous. Leave it to the corporate machine and big gov to ef it all up as usual. The two things the machine and big gov have in common….both don't live in the same reality as everyone else….but expect everyone to go along with it anyway. The prices come from all the regulations, plus bldg overhead, the packaging…..all not needed. Weed sells itself…no need for all the middlemen and their middlemen thinking 🤔

  • The legislator in Nevada has allowed using your ATM
    card to purchase cannibis and it's products.Alcohol can
    be sold to raving maniacs, pot can be sold to those who "chill".

  • They should also allow gun owners to have medical marijuana cards. It’s ridiculous not to at this point.

  • I sent America something ,America destroy Weed in Jamaica,And because of America greed for money,They legalize weed,What a shame!

  • The banks are crumbling…….

  • Just in time for the industry's collapse. Idiots.

  • I'm more concerned of the legalization of growing as many of my own plants that I want to. It's so easy to grow yourself.

  • Pot is wayyyy safer then booze

  • If we legalize weed, then a whole bunch of compliant state owned slaves go away.

  • Here it is, an issue that shows the complete and utter stupidity of our states and federal government. They can’t get a simple thing done… Even though all the states really want that money that’s gonna come from taxes . Colorado is swimming in money, purely because of the legalization that happened many years ago, in Colorado first.

  • From : james h. mathewson sr. The
    saith, “ I will send them
    Strong delusion that they
    believe a lie !!!!!!! “

  • Montana? Sheriff doesn't understand what kind of powers they'll get WHEN IT'S LEGALIZED

  • Bunch-O-Haters I'm sure THOSE GUYS N GALS ain't hard2handle in Wyoming lol?

  • Wheeooowww wheeooowww wwheeooow

  • They should ban marijuana. It causes asthma to people around and it is toxic and dangerous. What a shame that it is legal.

  • As it should have been a thing since day one of it being used for medicinally use, and businesses can now move like a business. The moment they had to pay taxes on it this shouldnt have been a thing.

  • The long list of problems legislation is slow to get to but you say it’s a federal law blocking them from being able to tax much more effectively, ofcourse there’s a solution to be had.

  • So now when they raid the stores, they'll seize the accounts too and use the account proceeds to incriminate the owners.

  • by keeping it illegal the government is helping the MOB and the Cartels to take over our cannabis market, there are hundreds of millions of dollars all across America sitting in temp bank in warehouses. how long before we start hearing about these places getting robbed in some bloody fashion!.

  • Oh, but drinking poison is legal?

  • Why was Nebraska one of the states that turned green on the map presented? Nothing is legal there.

  • Sounds like a win for cartels

  • The news reporter is beautiful

  • 2.5 mg thc with 20 mg paxil is effective my friend says. Let's have some more research.

  • NBC News is the enemy of the people

  • They want to make money on the legal and illegal side at the same time 😮

  • Legalize marijuana for All

  • And yet, ALCOHOL can be purchased with ANY AND ALL bank cards!!!!!!

  • So many in congress are jumping on a ganja train for Cash.
    So this is a surprise to no one

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