New limits on medical marijuana kick in for Florida today | Action News Jax

New limits on medical marijuana kick in for Florida today | Action News Jax

Starting Monday, medical marijuana patients throughout Florida now have new limits controlling how much medicine they can be …


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  • Nikki Fried was supposed to be the industry hero. Instead we get crickets from her.

  • The weed in Florida Dispensaries is garbage anyways! They're selling low THC weed that doesn't get you high and the prices! No thank you I'll stick with my street pharmacist in Sanford!!

  • I could barely buy a 1/4 Oz of concentrated over a 3 month period. I bought 6 grams of concentrates in December and can not buy anymore until February. That maxed me out in a week. I will go to the black market.

  • You shouldn't smoke weed in the raw form that's just stupid you should do it in those f**** big a** balloon bags are just freaking do it good old fashioned way like the 2 Mexican dudes in the movie

  • Are making 6 times profit off Every time and then the state makes what half that

  • Bro it's literally crazy how much you get ripped off at a dispensary bro 1/2 the s**'s not even good believe me even if you go down to Colorado or California you gotta go to the right f***** place man

  • Wtf that's fucking bull

  • This is so ridiculous and uncalled for FLORIDA doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They always do what they want it’s unjust.

  • Untrue now. Ask ur Dr for 4oz. If they are legit, they can do it for u. I can hold 6.4oz and its 12/2/2022

  • Untrue now. Ask ur Dr for 4oz. If they are legit, they can do it for u. I can hold 6.4oz and its 12/2/2022

  • Haha! I get 4ozs every 35 days in Fla! Sucks for u guys that are getting screwed.

  • Man even with 4 Oz it's not enough i get Calli bud from my connect when I run out it's sad man they keep fucking with us here in Florida hate this fucking place I'm in Miami sick of it to many people to much traffic

  • Of course FL fucks up medical marijuana even though the people voted for it. So much freedom going on in FL.

  • Looks like they are going back to the plug I’m in Orlando by the way 😂

  • On the street I only get a a half oz for $100 so I say 2 ozs every 30 days is pretty good. I can make a cupple of prerolls, take a few grams to make cooking hash and keep the rest for my bong.

  • Can't wait till it's fully legal

  • I have my MMC in FL and you can thank the doctors and “patients” who were LITERALLY giving unlimited amounts of concentrates to people who clearly have no legit need and the patients buying huge amounts (500,000 mg+a day) and then selling it on the street(yes they were that dumb to tell the people in the dispo they were selling all their concentrate’s). The Governor has already signed for legalization so why people can’t just wait for legalization. They unfortunately ruined it for many legit mm patients.

  • I love the weather in florida but you guys are still living in the 70's when it comes to weed. Weed is legal everywhere florida is really late.

  • Again GOP politicians telling doctors they know better.

  • i was getting that already lol 2.5 oz a mth

  • we already pay a huge amount… This will end up with medical marijuana people going back to the streets

  • Are they smoke 5 gram blunts??? That's still alot, about half ounce lasts me for 2 weeks

  • For those of us with legitimate chronic pain and illness, where only medical marijuana helps without side effects, this is not a joke. This is just more BS ways for the government to throw it's ** around. All they did was lose millions in the tax revenue the cut products would have brought in.
    I only use topicals and edibles, but some people, especially those with AIDS and Cancer, smokable Marijuana is the ONLY thing that helps relieve the horrible side effects caused by medications and radiation. So the people that suffer are those with debilitating, painful, diseases. The people that benefit are the drug dealers. GREAT JOB FLORIDA.

  • And they wonder why the black market exists.

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