My Pre-Gym Skincare Routine! | #SKINCARE

My Pre-Gym Skincare Routine! | #SKINCARE

Yep, I have a skincare routine that I do right before I hit the gym. I feel like it’s a great time to apply quality skincare products because your pores are warm and open when you exercise. Watch this video to see my pre-gym skincare routine! Also, tell me if you do this too in the comments.

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Mixed Makeup:
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  • Thank you for this. I have been struggling with this part..I wasn't sure cause I work out at 4am . Did this today and I liked it. 👍 since this was 2 years ago. Anything change or new recommendations that work for you ?

  • And this is why I only watch doctors and dermatologists on YouTube and only take their advice when it comes to skincare because just “influencers” spread so much misinformation! For example in this video like she says she applies her skincare 3 times a day, first of all most people can’t afford that, also most people don’t have time for that and most importantly it’s a waste of time and product to do it! You do not NEED to do skincare routine before and after the gym, just do it after (if you’re working out in the morning). For the gym you should AVOID moisturizer because moisturizers helps to retain water in your skin basically, doesn’t let water evaporate easily and in the gym when we sweat we want all the sweat to come out and not to be clogged, we want it to evaporate because evaporation cools down our skin naturally. Another point is that you SHOULD wear sunscreen in the gym, if you spend an hour or 2 in the gym without a sunscreen that’s bad. Afterwords quickly wash it off, apply your serums, treatments, and reapply sunscreen. That’s it! Obviously if you’re working out at night you don’t need sunscreen then.

  • Been looking for this!!!

  • hi susan! what about your hair? do u wash it after workout? what is your hair routine?

  • My issue is that I have acne so I have serums for it in my skin care, so I want to have it on most of the time and I don’t want to re apply . So should I excesize In the morning then shower and skin care so I’m ready for the day but it’s hard for me to exercise in the morning since I’m busy. I don’t know what to do

  • Ugh I love algenist but I can’t afford during the rona times. 😭

  • I usually shower in the evening.. but I workout in the morning. Would you recommend just cleansing my face (I only use my cleanser at night because I have dry skin) with water after my workout and applying moisturizer and sunscreen? I workout indoors.. is it necessary to apply sunscreen before working out?I heard sweat causes acne if left on the skin..

  • Then what I’m i supposed to do? Do my skin care before I workout or after?

  • I thought Susan said that miscellar water is soapy water and that you should always cleanse afterwards 🤷‍♀️🌟

  • When gyms were open! Covid 2020

  • Thank you so much for this! I couldn’t find anything on what to do with workouts, and I workout almost everyday!

  • she's so gorgeous omg

  • Lately I haven’t been doing pre cleaning before workout and now I’m all clogged up with pores 🤦🏻‍♀️it’s so important

  • Does exercise trigger melasma

  • Hi Susan! Im from Mexico, I was wondering if you have a second alternative for the Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen because they don't sell it here at Sephora. Thank you! 😊

  • But it don’t make sense you’re gone sweat it out all fro you’re skin ?

  • There is no way I would put a serum before working out . They are too expensive.

  • What product would you recommend before and after swimming ? I swim
    Almost daily.

  • I usually workout at night and just use a cleansing oil then exercise
    But I'm often like should I even put anything on if I'm literally taking a shower in 30 mins

  • I always work out first thing in the morning before work, so I really just wake up and brush my teeth and head out the door and wait to do the full skincare ritual until after the gym. I am a heavy sweater and I have very sensitive skin and my skin gets very red at the gym. I've noticed if I put fresh products on right before I leave the house my skin freaks out once I start sweating (anyone else? aha). That said, if say I'm going to the gym hours after waking up or even mid-day I will do my full morning routine fresh out of bed and then just repeat it after the gym as well when I shower. And I will ALWAYS clean makeup off my face before a workout, going to the gym in my makeup is like asking for a breakout for me! I envy girls who can do that and not get acne from it, I sweat too damn much during my workouts (weightlifting, spin class, hot yoga).

  • Can we appreciate how thick and gorgeous her hair is??😍😍😍

  • Do you have a post workout skincare video??

  • I used to wash my face with a gentle gel cleanser then apply some essence and a very light moisturizer and lip balm, but I think maybe I’ll try and find a treatment to put on instead of the essence, and try not washing my face so much in the morning with cleansers.

  • The only thing I do before the gym really is cleanse my skin to remove the Tretinoin and apply sunscream. Why would I waste an expensive collagen serum to sit on my face for only one hour which I’m going to swet all the time?

  • routine for a millionaire… collagen is over $100 and the moisturizer is $52 for a tiny jar wtf.

  • This is interesting. I love that you talk about preventing redness before it happens because my face gets so red when I work out. I'd be interested to know your post-workout routine. I have an issue cleansing my skin post-workout to get all the sweat off. I always want to cleanse right after I go to the gym, but I can't carry my entire routine to the gym with me. What products are necessary after a workout?

  • and what if you are a dancer and you sweat a lot, but you can not be without makeup, because it's your job??? #help, my pores got so much bigger from the foundation, from sweating

  • I go to the gym or for a run when I wake up at 6/6:15 so I normally just use some micellar water and then go but I think I’m going to do a smaller routine before I go now. I always assumed I would clog my pores but I will see if it works.

  • Please make before and after skin care routine for Swimming especially post/ early 30s.

  • I've always wondered what is the best pre and post workout skincare routine. I NEVER workout with makeup on. Unless it's Mascara but never face makeup. I workout in the late morning so when I wake up I do my normal morning routine and then after I make sure to use a gentle cleanser to get off all the dirt, sweat, and remaining spf. And then of course, moisturize. For a long time, I always thought that skincare was morning and night but didn't think about after a workout!

  • Skin care before a work out is very important. I take my make up off with an oily based cleanser and than I cleanse my skin with another cleanser and my luna mini 2 skin brush.

  • Would you know anything about post-swimming skincare?

  • Could you talk about what you’d do if you worked out at the end of the day (when you had makeup on)? My workday starts very early so my only option is to do the gym straight after work.

  • Sweating is not indicative of penetration of product, you need a minimum of 4-5 hrs after product application to actually it being absorbed into the skin and utilizing those active ingredients.

    I hardly think anyone spends that much time in the gym and you're gonna wash it of after, so stick to sunscreen or an oil controlling product if you dislike the shine

  • Gonna try this! I usually just make sure all my makeup is off before the gym

  • Susan if I sweat a lot doing exercise what do you recommend for not damage my face skin

  • What if you don’t sweat when you workout? I lift heavy weights but I’m not sweating— is makeup ok then? I might throw on some concealer or CC cream so I don’t look like the walking dead when I head to the grocery store after my gym runs.

  • I very very rarely sweat, but I do clean my face from the sunscreen before if I go in the afternoon.

  • Can doing 3 different skin care routines a day be too much for the skin?

  • Valmont serumulsion. Moisturizer and serum all in one. Makes it easier

  • What about working out after work in the evening?

  • I can't believe you don't have any foundation on , your skin looks AMAZING

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