Bentley Blaze


  • sry if this vid sucked, support a good cause:

  • absolute femboy

  • I think I'm getting a contact high I've watched 5 of your videos so far today🤣🤣🤣

  • Its crazy i went from swissers to dutchs to rolling 5 gram backwoods

  • Chicks a dude 🤯

  • 50$ is about how much it cost for a “premium” 8th where I’m at ._. But 25$ 8ths getchu just as lifted.. I bought an 8th for 18$ a few days ago and oof… that shit hit like a 60$ 8th 🤣 it’s all about the terps n mercs mayne

  • how is ur hair so perfect-

  • Oh noo a 50 dollar 1/8 😭😭

  • Bouta be the 500th comment lmao

  • Swishers are ammazing

  • Yo idk the difference between medical and recreational Weed but it fucking hits like a truck

  • that nirvana at the beginning thooo 🙂

  • Can't support a youtuber that supports a hate group.

    BLM wouldn't exist if people actually did their research. 9 unarmed black people were killed by police in America in 2019. The majority were justified. 48 cops were murdered on the job in America in 2019. Cops should be the ones protesting.
    #BlueLivesMatter #DoTheResearch

  • $50 for an 1/8 ? why's that a surprise lmao. In Barbados, eighths of exotic and jamaican weed go for $65-120. Shit is sad 😔

  • BLM is cancer

  • Good song in the beginning even tho some people doesn’t know what or why they made the song much love from CO

  • Thought this was a chick

  • Lmfao gender neutral as influencer tucking up the worlds youth

  • Ya paid to much cause it’s mid lol

  • That’s that fake fake quiet pack dummy boi

  • $15 for a 8th??? where?

  • You gotta understand this world is filled with bots , be aware 👁👄👁 do yo own thing stay up stay loaded and work on hose of much love 💚

  • 6:00 😂😂😂😂

  • weed is an amazing medicine. i have food poisoning and the medicine that is supposed to help with nausea hardly works but when i smoke it feels like i’m normal again with no pain/nausea

  • Rape Me best song from Nirvana

  • can we talk about how attractive you are lul

  • What's medical weed like? Never had it in tne uk and the stuff the government does give to othets with epilepsy like myself is supposed to be rubbish. Can ya'll let a fellow stoner know, thanks and keep tokin'.

  • We pay 50 for 8fys I’m New Jersey and ct

  • i think you’re smoking purple haze which is dominantly a sativa hybrid strain. i could be wrong though haha.

  • Why you smoking CBD please ??? 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Never change the little theme music in the background.

  • What song do you use while smoking

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