My experience accessing medical cannabis in Australia

My experience accessing medical cannabis in Australia

Have you ever wondered what it’s like accessing medical cannabis in Australia? I explain my journey through the medical …


Hinterland co.


  • Easiest med to get on personally hade two 5 min phone consultations and had my script in my inbox within 30 min good qaulity weed made easy they just want to rush poeple through and get to the next no background or medicare check bit more expensive than sourcing it yourself but gets you stoned as all hell

  • Thank you for this.

    I’ve been on Ketamine touchè for a few years now.
    I’m looking at changing over to Cannabis. Learning the ways it comes and what you have been through has educated me.

  • U have helped me a great deal
    Thank u so Much

  • High CBD = more relaxing
    High THC = more excitement
    High Both = They cancel each other out

  • Had an accident in recent past It was bad I sympathise

  • Thank you for such an informative video. Do you have any information about driving? Do you get an exemption or can you not drive? Cheers

  • Thanks for the video. Can CBD or THC give you nausea diarrhea? Can it be addictive and get withdrawal symptoms if you stop it?

  • You are very easy to listen to and Thankyou for making this video. I’ve just also been approved for medical cannabis at alternaleaf. Your video helped me speak to doctor as I also have a very low tolerance to thc and so I referenced your video 🙂 I’ve been given a few different scripts and the mighty medic vape, the company for the scripts is called circle labs. Very expensive, hope it’s worth it. Fingers crossed

  • This is such an insightful and helpful video! Thankyoi so much for sharing 💕

  • cant wait till the BS driving laws get updated in this backward country. How is it that 6 years after legalization there is no fkn driving defense for it. people aren't stupid. seems to be a war against citizens who don't want to turn into pharma junkies. Btw im loving having MC for insomnia! haha

  • I'm Australian and just got the 100:1mg cbd oil with 1%THC and I've smoked pot once in my life , thought I was gonna die ..

    I got the drops from doctor . And I've taken .50mg and I can barley feel a thing . My oil is from little green pharma .
    Doctors don't know what there doing..

  • Thank you for giving such an informative review. I really appreciate how in depth you were with the entire process! I did my initial consult today for anxiety and ADHD, fingers crossed 🤞🏽

  • Why is everything so expensive still?! Literally been years this stuffs been out.

  • Well, you certainly do have a low tolerance to THC. Looking at that though you've spent just under $600 for what about 6 weeks at your dosage? $100 pw absolutely out of reach for those on disability or any pension actually then we have to add in the consult fees and follow-up fees which you did not mention at the start regarding your experience seeing a Medical Cannabis DR. Also would have been helpful to point out how frequent were your follow-up appointments, how much are you charged for obtaining a new script etc., then discussing your overall expenditure and what ongoing costs you have to maintain to give ppl a clearer picture of what to expect.
    With the green market I've been on 40mg pd raw CBD paste and 100mg THC oil for cancer treatment, sometimes 1g pd flower of unknown strain or strength😂 it's still expensive but it seems far more expensive to sustain going legit. Thank you though I enjoy the vids Hinterland put out and their newsletter.

  • The first part of the video made me think I'd gone deaf in my right ear up lol btw try the pink Kush strain by beacon. Really nice

    Btw I think the headache and groggyness come from dehydration. Whenever I vape I always make sure to drink a bunch even if I'm not super thirsty. Especially when we go to sleep high, it taxes our body more than usual.

    So being well hydrated is important! 🙂

    Oh oh and before I forget….don't throw out your Vaped bud. Collect it in a jar and you can make your own oil using the thc left in the Vaped bud. (YouTube "ABV recipes"

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