University of Maryland School of Pharmacy


  • How to apply

  • The policy part is very interesting, as an International Relations and Business undergrad looking to improve the DMV in one way or another this too seems like it may be up my alley. I currently spend some time out of the country so the fact that it can be done as I work abroad with a visit per semester is very enticing as well. Would love to represent Maryland in such a way.

  • This program looks right up my alley, would a finance undergrad qualify and prepare for admission?

  • This is so cool I’m currently a student at the university of Maryland college park. I’m thinking of applying after I graduate but not sure yet

  • Do you know something we dont?
    I only see this taking off if the government fda gets involved,so health insurance will cover cannabis only won't you do cbd and hemp classes.until or if government gets involved I go that route.i can say cannabis helps with glaucoma,but pain it does nothing same with cbd nothing for chronic pain.did I miss the part of how much your 2yr program cost?

  • What’s the job availability like? I’m very interested in this program but I’m worried about finding work after graduation

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