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  • Potheads justifying cannabis use in the comments 🤣

  • This is dumb af lol

  • Cannabis induced physcosis is only common in those that have problems already. He had some type of issue before hand

  • Why waste any more time when it's all been put in moving pictures already?

    "Narconon Trois-Rivières"

    Education, not endoctrination.

  • If only the reality of her heartbreak could be felt by the viewers while listening…

  • The old reefer madness arguments recycled for the modern era. We can’t let grown ups make grown up decisions or so grown up things because of the children. If we have to turn every grown up cannabis user into a criminal to save just one life, it is worth it.

  • This is horse shit, Your kid was depressed probably because the way he was treated. Used cannabis as an escape while he could. Zero recorded Deaths or any type of Psychosis. Kid was damaged at home.

  • Nonsense. No recorded deaths or lasting affects. Also non-addictive. If he showed signs of psychosis then he had a condition that was undiagnosed prior to the marijuana use. Stop the BS

  • This can become an addiction that can lead others to experiment with other drugs. I do not think Marijuana should be legal, only as a medical prescription given by a doctor.

  • This lady is a moron and so was her dead son fuck off

  • Because you've been tricked by your own people.

  • Because the government is messing with the medical marijuana.

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