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  • I hope they're doing ok 🙏

  • Its ok to legalize it for people who really needs to be treated with their condiions. But for people who just wants to abuse it, take it because its fun should be penalize. Hopefully people who really need this can get the attention and help they can get.

  • Keeping this medicine illegal is disgusting.

  • Don’t ask don’t tell. Just let him do it on the bathroom at lunch

  • Tourettes – Cannabinoid.

  • My son is the same and we really want this. He also says I hate my life everyday. I don't think it's psychological. I think it's physiological/neurological.

  • I have Tourette's. Does CBD work?

  • For me, cannabis should be legalized for this kind of scenario. Many kids/teens have this kind of disease, and I know cannabis can help them.

  • Sounds good.

  • When a normal situation for an average person turns into a challenge at every turn of the eyes and mental stability.

  • what if marijuana is just a temporary solution for a bigger problem?.

  • basically I have depression as well as other mental stuff and I dont smoke but I do take CBD , it feels like marajuana though and its like instant and makes me happier. My sister though is a weed smoker and she tried it, didn’t do anything for her, but since it works for me ill continue taking it.

  • Anybody who disliked this video is part of one of the biggest problems in the world.

  • I've had tourette's since puberty, and for so long the only treatment was muscle relaxers. luckily, for the time weed was illegal, i only dealt with mild blinking and humming ticks, also a stutter in my voice. I developed extreme tics during my 24th year of life. i couldn't stop shaking my head violently from side to side, and also i wouldn't breathe during these spasms. it was painful, exhausting and it took the life out of me. since medical cannabis was legalized in illinois, I've been able to live a normal life, still blinking funny sometimes, but nothing else. it's a shame that this was ever illegal.

  • What is your prescription? What strain helps with tics?

  • Pharmaceutical doesn't like this

  • It went from I hate my life to I love my life‼️💯


  • This makes my heart cry
    This guy is considered a criminal for using medicine

  • Let him have it atschool you heartless bastards

  • Legalize the plant of life🙏

  • Im reeeally tired of hearing cannabis as a last resort. Theres just gobs of medical benefits and not dangerous like pharmaceuticals.

  • Dude wtf. why would he be in school…..

  • I’m 16. I have several mental illnesses and weed has been the cure to all of them… I’m being serious. I’m up right now at 3am wondering why I couldn’t just legally take a soft-gel pill that would help me sleep. I try telling people that are against me taking or smoking thc this. Would you rather have me forget 1 or 2 things in a day but laugh about it… or have me overthink everything and cry about it. That’s how thc helps me, it makes me happy and I haven’t told my parents that I use marijuana but it sucks that something so accessible for adults is illegal for me to use when it’s the only thing that helps me with my mental health.

  • I would also recommend some king tubby dubs and a subwoofer to listen after taking the buds

  • This thing where a government can absolutely just ban a plant that's of help to mankind is BS. Yet tobacco cigarettes are legal. ALL for filthy lucre.. If governments can't make a buck off you, you WILL be denied whatever it is they don't have power over.


  • Literally how many solutions and proof that we gotta give to people that weed helps and that they should legalize it

  • The antidepressants that the doctors put these people on make them a hell of a lot worse

  • I had to move from Montana (which has medical) to Texas (which doesn't). I've been cut off from the regulated cannabis that I need to control my tics and anxiety and now I'm getting it from the black market… this shit is so unjust. It's a fucking plant!!!

  • Tourettes wtf I dont think so

  • Damn that devils lettuce at it again! Curing the so called uncurable..

  • Oil is lame why not smoke it

  • Research: sugar can be just as addictive as cocaine, is bad for your teeth, will likely cause diabetes and obesity. But it's marihuana that has to be illegal for your sake.

  • My son has autism and Tourette Syndrome too. He takes medical cannabis and it's been amazing for his tics.

  • what does he use and how many milligrams in the dose?

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